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  1. Poophead would bitch about a blowjob .
  2. How can they complain about that?
  3. I confirmed the ZT for TW trade -if they bitch F em
  4. I think you are right...the draft picks are pretty valuable and people are going to start coming out of the woodwork between now and this Saturday. I really think I am a 125 and a 184 now from being a wild card entrant come conference week. That being said, once the NCAA's start, I am probably in trouble again. Injuries will play a part though before its all over. Obviously Rader is toast. Grajales will be my #15 guy on my team, Steele #14. If either of them comes back, it will be a big boost, if they don't, I will have them backed up with Stabile and Zabriskie. I am so close on Grips I can taste it with Garnett...just waiting for the time. He wants Beatty or Sanderson pretty badly.
  5. TLV will NOT trade ,seems to find coming in last hilarious and really could care less -all he is doing is taking up space -some say he's harmless -I say give him the heaveho-tried to trade him Craig and he said ''Yohn is a National contender''-which Nation and where as I may make a come back .
    With 3 leagues J could lose him and simply say '' hey ,you act like you don't care so I don't care bye.''
    i wouldn't take Marion if I were you as Brands might go with slaton just because . I figured I could afford to risk it -but J ??
  6. Its going to be a wild supplemental I think. I guess I could always take Marion and then decide who really wants him. Many conference champs out there but if you wanted me to get Marion before Jensens, I could do that too. TLV is a bit of a wild card. Guy doesn't give a rats ass about winning but he could really screw it up for some people with the 1st pick he takes.
  7. I could not believe it when he said he was going after Marion .I told him I'd followed Washington's career as he was from BOYSTOWN (like the movie) and he had never been manhandled like that , I also told him Herk could not believe his eyes and said that Marion could take Gallick -so he moved Lara down and jumped on Marion . There exists a 141 in the SoCon who leads the nation in wins but against scrubs -a Bulgarian named Loopsaspidhs[oiph-or close to that .UNC Greens-19-3-but I may as well take Washington . they will both be conference finalists then lose lose lose -Friggin Vais comes on and calls Seth Mediocre -I guarantee a conference finalist and maybe he beats Dake -I say he will -about this time he won like 16 in a row last season -his first at 141 -there won't be a 141 in the top 25 in rd 2 .
    Speaking of snake bit -Bonano hurt his arm 24 seconds into his first match back from Knee Surgery and inj def -his knee was sound as I promised it would be .
  8. Yeah, I didn't want to give away his strategy as I have some honor but yes, you called it, he DOES want him and he will pick fairly early in the first round. I just need to get a decent 125 and I think I am going to go ahead and pick Everhart just for his sheer trade value. I think I can get some kind of serviceable 125 in the draft (Notte, Patterson, Steintrager, or Lara) at #15. I feel a little bit better then about my team. I am not going to make top 4 but I am going to move up and I should make a decent run at conference week. Take away the top four guys and I will have: Lara, Grey, Ciasulli, Stabile, Sanderson, Onufer, Lee, Ward (yuck), Thomusseit, Beatty, Zabriskie/Everhart/Steele....
  9. NO-JensenS is all over him -that is why i'll take Washington and try to, package him or let him sit the bench and use my one solid pick elsewhere .
  10. I don't think Montel Marion is going to make it to you at #14 from what I hear.
  11. Yeah, picks are good. The #2 gives me alot of options. #15 is decently valuable too. #28 and #29 not so much but if people start dropping some big names, I will be happy to have to picks pretty late in round 2 and pretty early in round #3.
  12. told you -the man is getting scared -you get that way when you have a decent team but are 100 points out .
    SAVE your Draft picks -people will start to panic ,SOON
  13. You really need to get on facebook, chatting by PM is really lame. LOL. If not that then just do Yahoo messenger and find me there. I am If you want to announce the Washington/Thomusseit trade, go ahead. I ALMOST had Morrill, Trusty's #11 pick today for Triggas, my #2, your #15.
  14. Zac could win out .
  15. Let's wait a day or two and see if Monte wants to play . I am content with my 65's but if I could get Marable for you ?? With King hurt he could win the entire show -but if not he majors people every 100th match come hell or high water .
    or if you want him post it whenever .
    schedule for ZT
    12/29-Midlands -1/9Waynesburg,Columbia ,Emu,-1/13 Lock haven-1/15-Bloomsburg ,1/21 Cleveland State1/23-Penn,1/30 Millersville, 2/6 West Virginia ,2/11 Clarion ,2/19-Edinboro 3/& EWL ranked #2 in EWL.
  16. I AM just going to toss Washington so if you want him, I will take Thomusseit.
  17. too long-if you are going to throw Washington in the trash I'll give you Thomuseitt for him-RYou just told me he belives Melde will AA this year and had Naumann beat but gave up a big move -so I just need a back up to him and I can save my drafts for whomever the better wrestler left on the board may be -w/out a weight class restraint there are a dozen potential AA's out there .Thomuseitt is 8-4 and has a weak schedule -meaning he wrestles Brown and Princeton and Franklin and Marshall-where the hell is F+M ?? Pm me tomorrow so we can try to take over the world -I need you Pnky -can't do this a lone . They're Pinky and the brainbrainbrain brain NARF??
  18. I 'portend to Marable from them by trade ''-no-G + M were talking about how they wanted Askren and offered me Marable -NO-I have 2 good 165's now -then they asked what I wanted -I said NOTHING-they offered Marable and Foster for Askren and a first round -Said I'd get back to them then said no-now they want the same deal for a second rd-said I did not have one and said please -these are tempting but I need my draft pick to get a 141 -I may get Foster and Marable for Askren and a third round -then you and I could work out a deal for either Z or Nate -if we could have spoken sooner I had them at F and M for Askren -then could have traded you for your first pick-you could have chosen from the 3 165's . Then they offered Marable for Craig and a draft pick -NO says me-Marable's schedule sux as does Foster's and Askrens-but I have Craig to back him up-plus once J posted the point total M is no dummy -he needs a scorer NOW
  19. How do you portend to Marable from Gage and Trusty?
  20. Sorenson is at 97-message me when you get home as Orozco is the #1 guy in the Pac 10 and I have him . This site is falling apart -OM'd you about me picking up Marblew and giving you Young or Kerber . Later
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