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  1. I think I have Trusty in a corner. He wants Everhart bad as he has Berhow and he knows Berhow ain't going to make the finals if/when Erekson comes back. Now I sit back and wait...they should have traded Morrill for Triggas and my #2 way back when.
  2. Its all public information I guess on the "net".
  3. I made the mistake of VMing JensenS about Goeres and BAM he's gone . 141 from Binghamton 18-5 with 6 falls---you'd have to torture me to reveal my secret weapon at 33.
  4. Getting ready to drop Decker -no choice .
  5. Wish people would pop in once in a while if they know they are up. Drafting for this long seems silly. Anyway, if I can trade Everhart or eventually Steele in to a solid 174, I can live with that.
  6. Everhart is undefeated, Erekson coming off of a layoff. I think Everhart comes to Big Tens with the better record and ranking just looking at his schedule.
  7. Seeds Erekson 1 Everhart 2 Berhow 3 Wade 4-so he loses to Berhow and you're strategy is fucked . I gotta run .
  8. Yeah, I know...I am going to try and wiggle a 174 with either Zabriskie or Everhart...I went and did some looking at Everhart's schedule...not much left to speak of in terms of tournaments but it appears he doesn't have to wrestle Berhow or Erekson until Big Tens so he may get a #1 seed which could put him in the finals potentially. Assume that Erekson gets the #2 and Berhow the #3. Anyway, hopefully Notte will be there in a few picks, if not, the upstart Patterson. If not, we'll see. I am dumping Rader, I just can't count on him coming back, he's a pile. Wish I knew if he was going to ROTC this week to see if he wrestles...if he comes back and has the rest of the year to get back in shape, he probably walks through his conference but he looked BAD in Nittany.
  9. You notice I HAVE ZERO West Virginia guys -they suck-are over rated and their schediles always are horrible -Traded the 184 last year and Jeregui-they suck -that's why i offered you Decker ...
  10. They split but Notte majored Patterson the first time and then it was Patterson with a dec. I think I am going to try to get Notte with my next pick. I just HATE Litton, I had him for a season. He is most likely a conference winner but a third place Perry might get as many points as a conference winner in Litton.
  11. I can't make your pick for you -who won heads up ?
  12. Notte or Patterson?
  13. You are looking at a 8 point difference , max. Wrestle Perry and he might win the thing or lose 2 and OV. It is your call totally . I just know your strategy is too win conference -Perry won't do that . He is such a weird kid . Next year,since you like LeBlanc so well-pick 2 -Ryan Leblanc from IU is RSing but is 14-0 and won 2 tournaments and could have won the 3rd but FFt'ed to Young -They are trying to beef him up and Have Kinser, Young and LeBlanc, Cameron then Powless and Fagiano at hwt .If IU gets close to winning the big 10-which they are -look for Ortega to tear off his red shirt -Ortega's brother , he is 15-6 with 5 pins at 141 -5x New Mexico State champion and 2x High School national champion -lost to Dake 5-3 last year.
  14. I'm just not on the Eric Decker band wagon. I am pretty torn because he is a walk to the conference final, that's for sure but I don't think he has Patrovich's number.
  15. True -wish I could have typed it faster
  16. The worst you could say was no right?
  17. Because Manuel will wrestle 50 matches and is 16-1 and ranked 5th in the nation -he stuck Patrovich and I am counting on him to AA.
  18. How about Perry for Manuel and my #9?
  19. You are putting in too much energy into this . Can you ''Park'' someone with me -trusting me to send them back in 3 weeks ? Also-Litton is in the EWL-they will take 1 guy at 74 -if he should get upset ?? But if all you want is a back up-which is all you need -go with decker -and he will be a finalist .
    Just relax . this will work out . A word of Advice -Unless you want a lot of aggrevation -don't mess with Zapp-he turned down a deal of Craig and Ness for Keddy and Ashmore because he is unable to make a decision . Ashmore sux .
  20. Disregard my last, I am beat ass tired my friend.
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