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  1. If you go to OSU's site they have the addys of all coaches and SID's -ask the SID's first -I was shitty when Loopy didn't show -I'd be pissing meself if Pookie no showed .
    Write them !!
  2. Why no Pookie ??
  3. told you Glasser would be ok-18-3 is actually more than ok.
  4. I'd have to get Section 8 approved and then if that doesn't happen-$647.oo a month does not go far in Fla-I want to get as far away from my family as possible -my top 3 picks -Flagstaff , AZ. , Aurora Colorado, Tempe ,AZ. If I can't swing any of those -Juno Alaska-there has to be an ice flow 100 miles North with my name on it .
  5. Like I said, come on down to Florida and live on the beach. I will get you a P.O. box so we can get your mail sent down here. The warm weather is good for that shoulder. I am looking pretty stacked for week of 1/8-1/14.
  6. So frigging cold in Indiana right now my car is frozen solid -been living on PBJ sand wiches -pizza man laughed when asked how long to get here 11 degrees with 20 mph winds -to top it off -i scalded myself trying to take a bird bath this morning . SLUM LANDLORDS should have to live in their buildings for a month .
  7. Whats new McGoo?
  8. Beautiful week my friend. Nice solid, consistent line-up. Even without JP in the line-up. I am going to need that address again.
  9. Just recounted everything because Zapp said something -he was right but the TDR guys said Askren won by fall-so I changed that and rechecked EVERYTHING-245.
  10. I hope Beatty is OK-he hurt himself with 5 seconds left and limped out and held off Brandvold then fell down , according to TDR .
  11. Zabrikie is a pussy-(248)-not bad for 3 subs .197,141,157.
  12. I guess -I am counting Kerber's ponts this week as J said to do-You'll like Kerber -beat #7 Brown 11-6-I now need to find a back up 165 but people are coming to ME.
  13. Really nice week so far for you. Glasser came back and got 3rd. We were ripping the shit out of him yesterday.. LOL. I think I have 141 but only more points if Beatty beats Brandvold. My team is coming together. To be able to get that many points and be sitting Notte, Pucillo, Sanderson, Onufer and Stabile at 149 is a pretty good sign for conferences I think.

    So next week how does the trade fall? Kerber for Perry?
  14. You tallied your points yet ?? 215 and holding -i wanted 240-we'll see .
  15. Everhart ,Steele ,Z, Birchler in that order -Z is allergic to bonus points -Everhart fianally turned the corner 19-0 as of today -not bad for an over weight 197-but he lifted and stayed at IU the last 2 summers and lived in the weight room and went from 205 to 245 of ROCK-I guess Berhow was crying like a bitch after losing to Palma-I predicted that on line and everyone said I was crazy-I also picked him for ACCBOY's team-since taking him out of REDSHIRT he is 12-4-won over 200 matches in a row in high school-that includes National titles -NC State was red shirting him but he kept pounding on Isola so they pulled it .MOJO took a hit today-Gomez no showed at Midlands -Dudziak no showed and Knox and some one else NS'd
  16. Our stable of heavies are having a good day. Z, Birchler, Steele and Everhart are all still in the running for championships.
  17. i just woke up-I think Z-yeah-he is listed as a finalist -the brackets are still old -Kerber was losing today and went TD2NF3 to win -he was wrestling a stud-they gave him a 7 seed and he sounded tough.I sat here all day and am so burned out on watching people type inane comments -a girl called KS-obviously Simaz' sister -was a spaz-started beging for simaz updates as 125's were starting -so I started typing in false info-at 184 I told her they were skipping 197 due to time restraints and she went BALLISTIC-after seeing SIMAZ updates !!!! 200 times it gets old and Earl didn't know how to filter comments -then I told her after they were shutting down the mats and turning off the lights that they were running a special match as simaz' match was in dispute -stupid bitch is probably still sitting at her comp.
    My ass hurts and when they don't filter comments people just say STUPID things over and over -Glasser sux.
  18. Who won between Zabriskie and Ellis today?
  19. Got you a nice little line-up and team there son . Good Luck . Everyone on this board has talked how great Glasser is -now is his time to shine !! Other than Lewnes who does he have to beat -Heinrich -and he beat him in summer tourneys like a drum .
  20. Ha ha, thats awesome. Too funny. I actually think more people need to bring the headlock back. Its calmed down a tad in Dade City since then. You can catch a decent match in Oviedo or Brandon every now and then.
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