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  1. Gof -
    Take a look at my line-up -I'd like to keep Esco but Banano is ranked 11th by WIN and 15th by Earl and AWN-he was 30-15 last year and split matches with Nikko-I really don't need a hwt . but what the hell...make me an offer -my 65 lbers are ranked below Gallante but have alot more matches -I have 2 weights where I have a Cornell /IU wrestler because their schedules mesh together so well. I really think Kerber will AA at 65 . He has won whereever they put him -197,184 and now 65 .AWN really does have Richard Starks listed as graduated and WIN has him ranked 9th.and Earl has him at 15th .
  2. sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings ..
  3. Okay, maybe not, I guess I thought I saw guys scheduling their guys for that event. I just went with the flow. I am a dummy.
  4. I looked at all of them and PSU and NcSate but no Va Tech .That is the Hokies , isn't it ?
  5. Yep, my understanding is that it does.
  6. Does the HOKIE OPEN count ? It is not listed among the tournaments .
  7. Hey Goph -get over here to Gold's draft -Herk has picked Sanders and just now picked Foster -Funny as hell.
  8. Neither do I-but Gold needs my help.WTF is Zapp usiong my name for ?
  9. Not sure Russ...I have never wanted that responsibility.
  10. GF -
    Gold was supposed to make me a moderator -I'm helping run and selecting for a guy and I have no patience left -how do I get into the system ? He approved it with JensenS-this is silly .Russ
  11. Borschoff went next -anyway , I have heard that Smith from Boise is RS'ing .
  12. I could not guarantee the availabilty of those guys -I could have 20 seconds before I chose Grey -SORRY -I didn't mean any offense .
  13. Thats cool, we can work something out after the draft too. Birchler is a solid pick.
  14. My heavy needs to be Dom Bradley, I would take Kirk Smith, Beatty, Pataky, Beebe or Borshoff.
  15. I'm getting ready to take my second pick -a heavy -what/who exactly do you want ?
  16. I would need an agreement to get Dom Bradley and someone solid at 125, 149, 165, 184 or 197 and then not give anything really good back until the later rounds to do that.
  17. Talk to me about Z-I have 2 picks coming up -
  18. Ben has won some matches against top opponents but coming out of the SoCon as second he might draw a superstud off the bat . Cody beat him 13-6 and stuck him .Thus his fall from the top 25 . Did he even get invited ? Usually the SoCon sends one per weight . Krom or D'alie wre not available ?Cleveland beat Krom 10-4 and majored hoehn yet is ranked well below both -These rankings are rank.
  19. Relax Payton, we are playing a little "joke" on him. We will let him in on it soon enough. We just think he needs to learn some humility. We aren't going to do ridiculous trades with each other. In fact, I am standing pat now that I have 11 guys. I could trade and get better but I just want to see how this team does.
  20. I didn't get Accordino, I ended up getting Becivenga...wish I could have gotten Accordino.
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