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  1. So you want some books? If you have them, sell them.
  2. Devoe -not Devane -he nailed Mr.Clark -ex Navy Seal assassin-he and ding could run all special ops .
  3. Read most of Baldacci' stuff and Clancy's -JACK RYAN for PRESIDENT-in the movie Devane nailed the part .Try Rollins -fascinating stuff.
  4. What kind of books do you enjoy? I have boxes of Clancy, Baldacci, Coonts. If you want them and you like to read, let me know. I will put them in a box. I dig reading but rarely read anything twice. Grips and I are thinking about a Garnett for Beatty deal where I also might get his second round supplemental. Not too sure I want to do it bc there isn't much left at 197 to pick up.
  5. Going to bed early and read a good book . The Doomsday Key by Rollins . An excellent writer I stumbled upon who is talented and works hard on his research -a strange thing to find these days. Russ.
  6. I didn't know it was your birthday brother Russ. Happy Birthday Buddy!
  7. I went back and erased all the PM's -over 2,000,and am willing to start fresh . i kept 2 people on my ignore list -PM me about some trade stuff.
  8. On the other end of the spectrum I am being punished for scoring points ? I should be in first or second place after this week -I have 158 ? with 2 matches ,Ness and Metcalf left . If I am first I get #14 and 15 ?
    Gage just offered me Terry,Simaz and Marable for Metcalf and my worst guys on my fantasy team . How shitty do you think his dad would be ? Actually I would not make that trade -I have Lapotsky and Young/Kerber -why give up the best guy , scoring wise on the planet for guys I could only use as trade bait ?
  9. Yes, you have it right. Its actually a joke because if the supplemental is supposed to shore up everyone's team fairly, they shouldn't do the "snake" thing. Being in last place gives you really no advantage as you choose #1 and then #28. They should run the supplemental draft like they do a normal draft and give the worst team the first choice of every round. The third round is ususally a joke, many don't even make 3rd round picks.
  10. How do these draft things work ? I should be in the top 3 as far as points-so I'd have 11 and 17 ?
  11. for you? not as steep...
  12. How steep is steep for Askren ??
  13. No, the three weeks means you can't trade him back to the same team for three weeks. So if you make a trade with someone with the thought that you would be trading back in three weeks to help each other out, you have to hold them for at least that long.
  14. Rappo is as good as anyone other than Tnick in that conference -I just that the 3 week rule meant you were stuck with that wrestler for 3 weeks regardless .
  15. If I give him Ward for Peterkin then I have to draft Rappo or else someone else can do that at the supplemental. Then he can certainly trade Ward again or dump him at the supplemental. I would have to be pretty high on Rappo to do that. I could always just pick up Rappo in the supplemental.
  16. Goph -
    check with J but if you trade a guy you are stuck with him for 3 weeks -Right -Give LoSt Ward for Peterkin -whose replacement Rappo is a little stud -that way LoSt would be stuck with a wrestler he would never use all season .
  17. Because there exists a chance I will pay $50 to find a person and damage that person . I am different -not better or worse -DIFFERENT , than others . I will torture the fucker for days and leave him a crippled husk.
    I DO NOT want to do THAT . I have NOTHING to lose .
  18. The problem for ISU is that if he doesn't draft Steintrager and someone else does, he DOESN'T get his points. Thats a gamble and a "fuck you" to ISU if I want to throw a pick away at the end of the supplemental.

    Your right on Erwin, though I am not totally sold after one tournament.

    As far as Everhart, I don't think he's going to last past the 6th or seventh pick I would imagine. I am set at heavy with Steele and Zabriskie I think for now. Okay, sounds good. So tell me again why you are leaving then if I have to stay here and play?
  19. 125-Lara or Notte -LARE first -Steinbrager belongs to ISU or Lost as Beebee's back up-
    133 Go with Ashnault from Rutgers or Celario from App.State -Cellario has not lost in the Soson for 2 tears save for when he ft'd because of injury -his coach is OLD school
    149-Yates will win the ACC
    157-Scotten or Fittery -I'd take Scotten as he will win the ACC
    Salazar is a 157 pounder -he could win the big 10
    174-Litton-he will walk through the EWL
    184 Dave ERVIN as a surprise -beat Patterson and Wright back to back yesterday -but with Askren and Ward you don't need him
    197-Mikah Burak-Penn 3 x colorado state champ and has spent the last 2 tears at the Olympic Training Center -lost to Simaz 1-0 and Biondo 1-0
    Hwt -I was going to pick Nate up if I stayed but can pick him and hand him to you -he used to OWN Berhow at 197 then got hurt anmd went 5-10 at HWT-then won 27 matches lst year and is unbeaten this year -barring the return of Erekson -he wins the big 10.
  20. On my supplemental list I have guys like 125) Lara, Notte, Steintrager, (133)B Novachkov, (141) Levi Jones, Sulzer, Rappo, (149) Yates, (157) Gaethje, Dong, Scotton, (174) Salazer, Wright, Hamlin, Litton, Riccio, Glasser (yuck), (184) Bosak, (197) Sorenson and (Hwt) Everhart.

    All that being said, I am personally weak at 125, 141, 165 as I knew already. I will most likely dump Triggas and Washington for sure. Then I have to decide between Ward, Stabile, and Rader. I think I will hold out hope for Steele and Grajales to come back in the second half. I think Jones you are right about, he is a nice wrestler but in a tough conference.
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