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  1. Not sure what you are talking about. I didn't get a PM about Marable. Grips isn't really wanting to deal Garnett that I can tell. He's waiting for me to sweeten the pot but I think I have a better shot with my team by letting people come to me with trade OPs'. I have to run and won't be back until 8:00 or so.

    I may make a run at Sorenson to get a conference champ at 184 with your #15 pick if I can. With the #2 I may get Everhart and wait for someone to make me an offer I can't refuse for Zabriskie or he.
  2. Goph
    Did you get that PM? If I could get Marable I could send you Young or Kerber . Right now if I pick him up I'll have 3 165 's and 3 184's -if you are just going to keep Ward at 84 you can have Thomuseitt as a back up-he is 8-4 .
  3. Goph
    Regardless what Jensens decides I want to thank you for all you've done for me -it has meant a lot .
    And GREAT pick up on Onufer and CHEAP !!! I had Riley Orozco last year and he'll win 30 matches at 197 -I'll be able to free him up later if still around . So pick up garnett if you want -VT had a great schedule last year I think because Dressler was basically recruiting the whole time -this year they bite -no 50 matches . Garnett is a legit top 10 or better .
  4. Goph -
    I really can't take too much more BS-I am trying but ..
  5. If J cancels this I'll just take my guys with me .
  6. No, I posted it AFTER I read that.
  7. is that why he posted that stuff about Brown for Metcalf -I told him I wouldn't give him the sweat off my left nut .
  8. I told him you and I were working a deal for Metcalf and you get all of my supplemental picks. Ha ha ha.
  9. Goph -I can't man -i'll get too hot and want to hurt someone -you know what I've dealt with I can't take much more . really...
  10. yeah, its just more fun to watch LoSt say stuff and nobody this one.
  11. Goph -We made the first trade 11/22 or 20 days ago-tomorrow it will be legal . I deleted my post as I do NOT want to get kicked off the Board .
  12. Goph
    He was going to take Accordino until he got hurt -he has -0- draft picks left -make a run for Onufer -he'll win that conference and had a great CK.Or if I could get him and try to work something out . We have dealt before squarely .
  13. I thought about getting a 165 from him but not too sure what its going to cost me to get one of those guys. Probably a first or second round supplemental.
  14. I KNOW you aren't kidding...your team is stacked enought that you can take a chance on that. I think both Stiffy and Zapp though may have the same thing in mind so who knows if he will be there when you get to that point.

    Did you read LoSt's complaint about our trade? LMFAO...dude, I know that trade looks lopsided on paper but it allows me to drop both Rader and Washington and Triggas and those were the three I wanted to drop plus I will get 3 picks in the first 28. I am okay with that. Ciasulli will outscore Askren from here in until NCAA's in my opinion but then I think Askren is going to get you some mad bonus points at NCAA's as I think he finishes 1st to 4th and picks up some serious points along the way.
  15. Goph-
    Make an offer to Wiltz for Onufer . He has 3 165's -or Porter -he will win his funky little conference . But Onufer is adjusting to 165 -why not ?
  16. I am NOT kidding -Washington loses alot -but Marion beat him like he was a little boy -and the commish already ruled -NO points from Iowa at 141 until the SUPPLEMENTAL -then he'll be mine and unless he loses a wrestle off I get ALL Iowa's points !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  17. You freaking totally should. LOL. It will completely f-up Stiffy and Zapp's teams. They will probably both be looking to draft someone in that weight if they can just to make sure they are covered. Watch me drop Washington and they gobble him up. LOL.
  18. if he is available I am choosing Montel Marion from Iowa -just to piss everyone off.
  19. Trusty doesn't really make trades. I have tried for three years and never made one happen. If he wants to trade he will have to PM me. I have a little plan to get my team together for conference and it includes cornering the market on solid heavies at Big XII, Big X and Steele's conference. If Steele comes back, great, he could probably win his conference with a bad shoulder. If not, I will have Everhart and Zabriskie and see how they play out.

    I will then use your draft to try to find a 125 or an upgrade at 165. Who knows.
  20. Did you talk to monte ? Triggas /Galante and a draft pick for Kjar/Marable and ??? would be worth a shot -Flat out tell him ''your son made the offer '' and then tell Jensens and he'll get GAGE's PM ability taken away .
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