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  1. Are you saying Monk is off the table then?
  2. Gof,
    Made a huge trade with Zapp today but I think he wimped out.
    LeBlanc,Grajales,Zanetta and Monk for Rey,Steinhaus,Yates,and Ivanoff. I told him to post it but he never did . ???
  3. I think I'm set. Simaz is showing at SS and I drafted Kostis at 149 for back-up. I got TLV to give me Ortiz for three weeks at 157 so I have 12 going to Scuffle and Midlands. I gave him Luvsandorj bc my 2 other 174s were at Scuffle as well.
  4. Gof,
    Just got home-serious infection-so out of it they gave me a spinal tap and do not remember it. As for a back up 149 or 197 I have #11 Terrazas(149) or #21 Smith (197) I could send you for 3 weeks or longer.
  5. Gof-
    Thanks for your concern but I'll be fine-I have tried to die so many times -wanna know the funny part ? my Ex phoned my sister and now my sister is trying to get me found incompetent !! I'll see a third party shrink and BS my way through-if not I'll have to go to court where they will send me for a lobotomy .
    IMO, god is a sadistic voyeur-I have been beaten ,molested and everything you can think of since I was 5-Y ? Because my mom was a paranoid schizo ?Because I was born ??
    i am feeling better-I go tomorrow to the surgeon to see if I need any more surgeries-My wrist is broken ,my hand has 2 broken bones and my shoulder implant has moved and the graft has fractured . At least I'll be busy for a few weeks-I am so tired of being useless and seeing NO hope or chance of change .
    You have been such an invaluable friend !! thanks for everything .
  6. Russ my friend, that stuff isn't good. You have me constantly worrying about you and concerned. I would like to help you out my friend but you seem like you are unwanting of any kind of help. If you wanted help, I would be there for you.

    I am not a religious zealot but in times like this I have turned to God and asked him what my purpose was or why I was here. He never lets me down but you have to be open to listening for his sign or a message of some sort. In my instance, its my three boys, my family and my friends.

    I hope you are feeling better today my friend. Please hang in there.
  7. Gofer sends Morrisson, Young and Kilgore to R.Payton for Robles, K. John and Mitchell.
    Gof -this is the trade that broke my back !! Total points -
    conferences-Morrison-0-Young 5 -Killer-19-total-24
    conferences -Robles -22-John-12-Mitchell-16=50
    Tournament Morrison-0 Young -3 Kliler -25=28
    tournament -Robles 24-John 1-Mitchell-6=31-
    My ex fiance and I had a deal when I was better (pain and shoulder wise) we'd give it another shot when her daughter graduated -she dumped me again-so i am NOT having surgeries of any kind . I tried to die-just like the Hemlock society book said-a bunch of muscle relaxers,pain killers , valium and a baggie rubber banded around my head-I threw up so hard the rubber band slid down and all my vomit slid out and I awoke 2 days later hurting in every organ-I am such a loser I can't even die !!
  8. Well now there are 2 of us that don't think your a prick and whom you have helped get to the playoffs. Your a good man Russell Herbert Payton.
  9. Congratulations to you Drooke. I was unable to catch your team.

    I Want to PUBLICLY thank herbp for helping me this season. Without his infinite patience and amazing knowledge of the sport my team would have been sunk. Thank you so very much for helping to get my head above water. Without you I wouldn't have had any shot at being in the position I am in. THANK YOU! You are such a great resource and asset to this board.
    BMUS posted this on TOM's fantasy league-i am herbp-Russel Herbert Payton-he was in last place going into conferences and won conferences with 228 points.
    I just wanted to show you not everyone thinks I am a prick.
  10. Gof-
    If Zapp passes Dutch then it will be you and MOJO.
  11. That's good on Kemmerer. So me, Zapp and Mojo are battling for 2 wild cards or battling for the last wild card? I can see me getting up to around 212-215.
  12. Kemmerer got 3rd so that is 3 and 3 more.Loopy won . It is between you ,Zapp and MOJO-
    Morrison got me 0 and Lindsay missed weight for Jensens-Salopek and Fausey scored 15 combined !!
    Go to the Score Board and hit Special events.
  13. Ruth winning and Spons pulling an upset on an obviously injured Howe would really help. I can't afford anyone else really losing today.
  14. Gof-
    Don't give up yet-it will come down to you and Zapp-Morrill has 3 matches today and Kemerer could get you 6-10 more. You'll be right at 200.
    NO one is posting big #'s this year.
    Hall = 28-Salopek =6
  15. Hall got you 6 Friday--I posted the Junkie weekend-all conferences and where they can be seen .
  16. Gof,
    I have to crash so if you could either pick Sorensen or Cagnina and drop Stabile I'd appreciate it. Tired of waiting. 12 hours between picks is a joke. Thanks.
  17. Gof-
    You get Scheidel's points as his back up won .So add +3 to your score.
  18. Gof-
    I just looked up Haynes record and he is 24-6 with 2 losses to #3Foster,2 to #14 Johnson ,one to #6 Powless and one to #7 Thomuseitt-pretty good if you ask me.
  19. Im out and about...I'd have to look more closely at that....
  20. Gof-
    Look at intermat's ranking of Meagher-#11 157.
    I could give you John,Robles and Haynes for Morrison,Young and Kilgore. Then you could ADD Meagher. I made the offer to jensenS but he stalled on it so if we do this quickly you'll have a champ at 125-2nd in john and ?? in Biondo /Haynes. Or you could use Meagher and flex John . We are running out of time tho.
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