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  1. yes?
  2. Dude?
  3. Oh I'm not saying its an UNFAIR trade...

    But he wouldnt even consider that if his heavy wasnt busted up, because King is a better fantasy guy in a lot of ways. Its not a bad trade for him, but its a GREAT trade for you. Smart offer
  4. It could certainly turn out in my favor, sure. But he now has no heavy and not much left to pick through, so that hurts him. If he thinks he has a good team otherwise, then I think Ellis is a nice pick up for him. I would go after other guys on his roster for Ellis but obviously my weakest weight is 165 and I don't think he wants to give up Kyler who I might consider.
  5. Ellis for King would be a fucking killer trade for you. Hard to see him biting though. Ellis might be playing football this fall and its not for sure how much time Bradley will get in the lineup (he'll definitely get some). Plus Ellis is in a stacked conference to begin with a mizzous schedule sucks

    So even if everything worked out perfectly for him he is not going to score many regular season points, while King will get plenty.
  6. Looks like Wiltz won't pull the string...Howe, King or Schlatter would be the only guys at 165 I would trade for Ellis...
  7. Too late on Krom for LeBlanc or Moley.
  8. Alright, treat him well...I think he will help you out.

    I can't catch you but McLemore is just not a strong enough option at this point at 141...

    Do you want to tell Jensens or do you want me too?
  9. I'd still do it sure, I dont have any use for Hernandez
  10. You still interested in Roberts for Hernandez?
  11. One was due to the weather, 3 were due to a team pulling out of the NC State duals, and two I have no idea why they were canceled, just that they were.
  12. Were the cancellations due to weather? That's pretty peculiar because none of mine were cancelled and I had teams wrestling all over the country.
  13. next week looks pretty marginal for me but I'm confident that my 100+ point lead over everyone except Dart will keep me high and dry.

    I would have been one of the top scorers this week but I ran in to no fewer then SIX of my matches being cancelled on short notice...

    I feel pretty confident in my teams potential though, with Todd back I'm going to be hard to stop
  14. couldn't resist setting up my calendar for next week. i got 3 going to national duals, 4going to virginia duals, 1 with four matches, one with two and two with one. I am not going to catch up to #1 or #2 but I could be in the top four by the end of january. should have about mid to high 60 for this week.
  15. yeh I really dont know what you were thinking on that one after our shared expierience with rader lol... My policy is to stay as far away as possible from guys with a history of injuries or problems with weight/elligibility, I learned that the hard way last year.

    Thats why I didnt even consider picking Nickerson for example
  16. freaking rader, said he would be back after the first of the year, kid better win me nationals or this pick was NOT worth it...

    as far as Craig, I think I did start him but I don't recall. I either started both 149 lb'ers of both 184 lber's this week. if I didn't start Craig its because LeBlanc had more matches.
  17. actually craig won because the only match WVU won was 149 in OT
  18. dont know about craight but johnson started and lost
  19. Do you know if Rader wrestled tonight at 141 or was it Johnston?

    Also do you know what happened at 184 between Craig (Lehigh) and the WVU wrestler? I don't think I started Craig this week but still curious as to what happened.
  20. yeah it was definitely a solid trade for me haha, if Todd comes back I think I might have the strongest lineup on paper and I definitely am going to be one of the strongest through the regular season.

    Jensens is the only guy that really worries me, he might be in first right now if some of his studs hadnt been hurt for a lot of the year. Im hoping that he doesnt make top 4 because he definitely wont win conference week, and if he doesnt make the finals I think Im set
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