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  1. Which 149 is going to help me more than Stabile and a participating Grajales?
  2. By the way if the draft shakes out a certain way for me I may be willing to trade you one of my 49's.

    I'll know if I am by round 2 probably.
  3. So long as you get him in before Friday evening, you're fine.
  4. Well if I was LoSt, I would just try to sell you on the fact that each and every selection that I have made is a solid AA with a great chance at being a finalist. I will worry about the NCAA championship after I get back in the race...this is a worst to first run of epic proportions. Did you mean to list the Fantasy Discussion as 12/18-12-24 but put 12/12-12/18 or am I reading that wrong? If I get Morrill by today, can I get him in the line-up for this weekend?
  5. Solid, but still very much lacking firepower
  6. If I can pick up Morrill, here is where I make my run. I would be sending 7 to RTOC and hopefully getting Grajales and Steele back next semester. Go Gofer. I like my chances conference week with Morrill, Grey, Ciasulli/Rader, Stabile/Grajales, Sanderson, Galante/Onufer, Lee, Ward/Thomusseit, Beatty, Zabriskie/Steele.
  7. Sanderson and Hall are basically comparable. And then Dake as one of my big sleepers is a guy I plan on holding on to unless someone blows me away with an offer.

    I think I'm going to just roll through this week and see how the supplemental treats me.

    I may be willing to trade Cathell or D'Alie depending on how things shake out.
  8. Jensens,
    Sanderson, Rader and the #2 overall pick for Dake and Hall? Obviously Rader is a throw away to keep the numbers right. Sanderson is a definite upgrade over Hall and Dake for a #2 overall probably allows you to Levi Jones or someone like that in your line-up. Let me know. Many irons in the fire this morning.
  9. Made a run at offering Sanderson to Stiffy for Cannon OR Smith since he had Erisman. Thought for sure he would like that trade? I was hoping for Smith. If I got Smith I was going to turn and try to offer Askren to Grips for Gallick and let him swap supplemental picks with me so he could pick up Jones if he wanted him. Stiffy shut the door. I even offered to draft him Everhart if I got the chance. Nope. Crazy.
  10. LOL...thats true...the only difference is that R.Payton is somewhat certifiable, I can live with that...LoSt is just an obnoxious prick that if he lived closer to me, wouldn't be seen without a black eye. I need to just turn it off though, although I won't let him just sit there and swear and call everyone idiots. At least BIG was an asshole but in an intelligent way.
  11. I think they both do, personally.
  12. Gotcha, sounds good. Thanks.

    I think LoSt needs to get on his medication. He's pissing EVERYONE off. Its getting old. I know you know that but I think its worth weighing in on. I'm pretty close to writing off this year and I know that R.Payton is too. He sucks the fun out of it.
  13. They both (I assume) went back and edited their line ups to what they had down before the trade.
  14. What is the status of this weeks teams for ISU and LoSt since they both posted line-ups that assumed a trade. I would hope they both officially posted updated line-ups in time or else they would go back to their line-ups from the previous week right? I see they both posted Ellis and Drouin at one point.
  15. I have no idea. He's apparently supposed to be.
  16. I was talking about tournaments, you are right. I think this is moving day for Ellis....I have a couple of offers out for him right now. One to TLV who has the most to gain and one to LoSt. Is Steele coming back 2nd Semester?
  17. What type of event are you talking about???????

    If its a dual and you have both you get the points regardless.

    If its the PSU Open or Midlands and you don't flex one of them you will have to specifically name who you want to score in your heavyweight slot.

    If you decide you want to flex one of them for one or both of those tournaments you'll score points from each guy.
  18. So I would have to start one and flex the other to guarantee the points? Thats what I am asking...I am going to try to give Ellis to TLV to lock in Bradley for him but I am working an angle to upgrade at 125 or 165. I am shooting the moon. Forget points, I am going to have to lock up playoffs at conferences this year it would seem.
  19. To where? You'd get them automatically in duals, but in tournaments (Missouri has PSU Open, and Midlands left and both I would expect will be entered) you'd have to specify which one you would score.
  20. Hypothetical situation...if I were to get Dom Bradley on my team and then start Ellis but Bradley went and wrestled, would I get his points either way or would I have to call it?
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