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  1. Logic always resonates the loudest with me...I appreciate yours and VAIS's opinion, I guess I saw it differently as I wanted to watch the entire draft and then have the option of picking anyone that I wanted with Payton's pick in exchange for Steele. I have an injured 165 and in my opinion, Epperly was the best available. It was worth it to me to make that trade, but I guess I see the logic on the other side as well.
  2. You need to consider giving me Nicholson for my #9, #15 and Triggas!
  3. I think Ellis has the better point-scoring potential. He doesn't have the rugged Big 10 at 125 ... I think Ellis is more durable.
  4. Ellis for Escobedo, fair trade?
  5. I won't ditch Williams ... Molinaro likely doesn't qualify.
  6. I need a 141 lb'er and you may need some insurance at 157 with JPO's knee. Do you have a 141 lb'er you are willing to trade? I will give up Moley at 157. Let me know.

  7. Maybe after the season...alot of us "alums" want to chat with him.
  8. Clash is a great event. I've been the last four years.

    I know Kyle asked Jackson to be on, but i think he respectfully declined. He doesn't like being the focus of anything from what I understand.
  9. JB,

    Can you try to get Jim Jackson on the show? We were talking about the highschool to college transition for coaches but more importantly, I think it would be great to get him on to talk about the program as well as the Clash this weekend. How was the Clash by the way? Heard you were there.
  10. How has your trip been so far? Sounds like you were everywhere this week. You doing the Missouri open too?
  11. I know Maryland has duals, but he didn't wrestle in the Fighting Scot Duals ... he could be redshirting, so I'll have to hope he'll be in a counted open this weekend.
  12. I think Letts (Maryland) take on Lehigh this week. You have him scheduled possibly at MS Open or NC State Open but he should also get a match versus Lehigh. (I think anyway as I have David Craig (Lehigh) and showing a match with Maryland). 11/9.
  13. Same shit, different day. ... Watching the Angels try to force another game.
  14. sup
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