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    Goph -I can't man -i'll get too hot and want to hurt someone -you know what I've dealt with I can't take much more . really...
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    Goph -We made the first trade 11/22 or 20 days ago-tomorrow it will be legal . I deleted my post as I do NOT want to get kicked off the Board .
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    He was going to take Accordino until he got hurt -he has -0- draft picks left -make a run for Onufer -he'll win that conference and had a great CK.Or if I could get him and try to work something out . We have dealt before squarely .
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    Make an offer to Wiltz for Onufer . He has 3 165's -or Porter -he will win his funky little conference . But Onufer is adjusting to 165 -why not ?
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    I am NOT kidding -Washington loses alot -but Marion beat him like he was a little boy -and the commish already ruled -NO points from Iowa at 141 until the SUPPLEMENTAL -then he'll be mine and unless he loses a wrestle off I get ALL Iowa's points !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    if he is available I am choosing Montel Marion from Iowa -just to piss everyone off.
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    Nah I'm solid at HWT with Russo and Arnone. Not a bad offer though.
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    Did you talk to monte ? Triggas /Galante and a draft pick for Kjar/Marable and ??? would be worth a shot -Flat out tell him ''your son made the offer '' and then tell Jensens and he'll get GAGE's PM ability taken away .
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    Goph -I was looking back to when we first traded -that was 20 days ago-so since neither guy is wrestling until the midlands it should be ok -that 3 week thing and all-GAGE offered you Kjar for Triggas -if Monty says yes -take it .
    Notte is not as good as Kjar and 'K' is a conference finalist -and I think he takes Martinez next time where Notte can't make weight 2 days consecutively . He had trouble with 33 last year -plus he has gotten his ass handed 2 him a couple of times since his #9 ranking . Worth a shot and you get value out of Triggas -Kjar has that deformity but is a walking muscle .
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    Goph-I am pretty sure I have 509 points after last week .Where do you think that will place me ? I have 10 matches this week -hopefully I'll go 8-2 or 9-1 .
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    Done . You want to post it or me ??
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    He also split matches with Parks earlier and won't be on many people's radar -.
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    Cody farinella would be a good pick up.
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    Just got home -blower motor on my heater konked out so I had to pull into Aotozone -the lady came out and hit it with a hammer and it came back on-I could not see from the glare -my sister is plugged inot a machine so I teurned and left -my brother in law asked me for some Valium -like he gives a fuck-he let her drink herself to death and they are divorced but rather than have my sister lose her house he let her move back in with him-enabling her to drink and party and rent her house out since she can't do both -party and pay bills -GUESS who is the beneficiary of her life insurance and will ?? My older sister is flying back in from San Francisco-she went out there to visit my nephew -the leather clad incredibly gay boy .
    I don't consider any of them family as DFC split us up when I was 3-4 years old -Cindy stabbed me when I came home from college for xmas one year -that is why I don't go to family gatherings -she used to eat qualudes by the handful and apologize the next day -
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    I gotta run as my drunken kid sister is in the hospital-she broke her shoulder and had surgery and has been taking Percocet,Vicodin,xanax and drinking and slipped into a coma -all my life I 've heard my mom ( a paranoid schizo) should not have had kids -I agree . my little sister used to be so pretty and now at 48 she is bald and a drug adddict and been in rehab 20 times and now she is going to die .
    I told her not to mix all those meds -the Dr told her 2 years agom to stop drinking or she would not see 50 but she can't -that is why I hate enablers -if just once someonebesides me would have slapped her and poured her beers out -she keeps them hidden around the house and goes to 4-5 quack dr.s and stays loaded on pills .
    If just once JensenS would say no to LoSt -I gotta go.
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    Ok-no problem
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    Esco/Ness/??/Metcalf /O'conner ,Lapotsky ?? are my best guys .
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    no-Seth is going to AA, IMO, and his losses have been to top guys .
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    OR you could draft Everhart and trade me him or Z or draft Marion -risky but iowas best 141 .
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    I agree -Askren has not impressed me and that selfish crap about the all-star still pisses me off -Id take Foster over Askren any day .GAGE sent me about 20messages again -I offered Trusty Ciasulli and Craig for Foster and a pick and he said no-theway I look at it is there are 3 good 141's in the EIWA and I have 2 so I'm getting bonus regardless -so fuck trusty and his hyper asskid -they want to deal so they benefit w/out giving anyone up.-if you want to wait fine -Kerber will wrestle the scuffle so Young may be expendable -no one wants to win 184 -Pookie 2 losses Keddy 1 LeBlanc 2 losses Patterson 3 -all 6 guys inthe pac 10 at 41 are ranked Drouin ,#1 beat #6 Duenas 7-5 SV. And Boise's schedule blows . Make me an offer.If it is too steep I'll keep Craig .
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