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    Getting ready to drop Decker -no choice .
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    Seeds Erekson 1 Everhart 2 Berhow 3 Wade 4-so he loses to Berhow and you're strategy is fucked . I gotta run .
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    You notice I HAVE ZERO West Virginia guys -they suck-are over rated and their schediles always are horrible -Traded the 184 last year and Jeregui-they suck -that's why i offered you Decker ...
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    I can't make your pick for you -who won heads up ?
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    You are looking at a 8 point difference , max. Wrestle Perry and he might win the thing or lose 2 and OV. It is your call totally . I just know your strategy is too win conference -Perry won't do that . He is such a weird kid . Next year,since you like LeBlanc so well-pick 2 -Ryan Leblanc from IU is RSing but is 14-0 and won 2 tournaments and could have won the 3rd but FFt'ed to Young -They are trying to beef him up and Have Kinser, Young and LeBlanc, Cameron then Powless and Fagiano at hwt .If IU gets close to winning the big 10-which they are -look for Ortega to tear off his red shirt -Ortega's brother , he is 15-6 with 5 pins at 141 -5x New Mexico State champion and 2x High School national champion -lost to Dake 5-3 last year.
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    True -wish I could have typed it faster
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    Because Manuel will wrestle 50 matches and is 16-1 and ranked 5th in the nation -he stuck Patrovich and I am counting on him to AA.
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    You are putting in too much energy into this . Can you ''Park'' someone with me -trusting me to send them back in 3 weeks ? Also-Litton is in the EWL-they will take 1 guy at 74 -if he should get upset ?? But if all you want is a back up-which is all you need -go with decker -and he will be a finalist .
    Just relax . this will work out . A word of Advice -Unless you want a lot of aggrevation -don't mess with Zapp-he turned down a deal of Craig and Ness for Keddy and Ashmore because he is unable to make a decision . Ashmore sux .
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    No way. I won't get anyone as good as Pataky with those draft choices.
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    Guys picked in this draft won't be eligible until Midlands/Scuffle.
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    Going to have to turn that down.

    I'll stay how I am and get the 125 that I like with my own first rounder and keep Martinez.
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    Dude "Private Message" is what it says. Its fucking private, so long as you don't hit "Reply All" like you and some others seem to like to do if you're conversing with multiple people.

    Posting shit on these walls is going to be seen.

    In terms of a late trade, you know I'm always willing to listen.
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    Given that I know you know how to read, and can scroll a few posts down my wall...

    I think I'll pass on that one.
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    What i can't believe is the night before these guys have the last chance to improve their teams and they won't even answer a proposition -I am set at several classes -yet have weaknesses -I send out a trade offer to improve even if I take a hit -no response -I won't set anyone out but I just offered Craig,Kerber and Decker ,for one guy and 2 draft picks -this week is slow -next week every one is in the Scuffle or Midlands -I don't need the points -I just like to trade and have fun-fantasy football sux -I am 12-2 and in first place and I don't like football-2nd in fantasy baseball but nearly died of boredom . Where else do you get to play Billionaire owner ?? No where .
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    of course it makes a sound -freshman philosophy aside -I think the kid needs an ass whoopin'-Our entire educational system is modeled upon the Prussian Military model-you take away discipline and EVERYTHING falls apart -I can TELL you fire burns until I am blue in the face -you'd learn a lot quicker sticking your hand in the fire -kids are going to stick their hands in the fire by nature , why delay the inevitable ??
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    not my problem-saying your sorry is easy -meaning it is another -I literaly have ,at last count , 8 apologies and 100's of trade offers .
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    I keep getting SORRY on my PM and apparently it is going out to 5-6 people -I don't know what it is but it keeps popping up-I have about 50 apologies from GAGE already -don;t need or want ANYTHING from either of them .
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    why depend on a trade ? Draft guys are out there -you need to set your sights on one or the other tho-ask yourself WHAT DO I NEED MOST A 125 OR 174 .What I hate is the over value guys place on their wrestlers -i.e.-Josh Patterson -more losses now than ALL last year and fewer pins -he did what he set out to do -Become the first AA in Binghamtons history -now he got fat ,lazy and un motivated and is ranked 15th -yet grips won't talk about trading him -I don't want him THAT badly -Talk to ISU-the guy I traded him -Banano-who everyone had AAing this year , shook the guys hand and 20 seconds later hurt his arm and may be out ALL year . His knee is fine so I don't feel responsible -serves him right for giving LoSt all his guys -now he has no 125-no 149-and #18 Nemec at 157-now he has a 174 you could get James as he is using the CMU guys -offer him #9 for #6 James . He has a hwt ELLIS-who isn't varsity -he'd probably jump at another draft pick as he has #6 and #7 at 74.
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    Talk to me and maybe I can help.
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    @ 197 in the big 10-Biondo and Brown are ranked ahead of Beatty and Brandvold was too until he was dropped from the rankings -but now that he is wrestling again that puts Beatty at #4- a lot of wrestling ahead but I just don't see Beatty doing much-so why not back him up ?
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