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    close but no cigar. I'll do bencivenga. They're both pretty even on paper but I think accordino has more bonus upside. I'm guessing they'll win a couple matches a piece.
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    Benewhatever had some decent wins and won 29 matches overall-but I saw the Accordno for steroid boy LeBlanc and that would be the way to go -don't know your line up but Moley would be a great flex .Unload LeBlanc -he has one win over a top 20 wrestler-- Dolly in the finals -after the Herbert there are 2-4 guys that are automatic AA's -I wish I had traded Caputo instead of Honeycutt -but some weights you don't worry about -184 and 149 are set -EVERYONE thought GG was untouchable last year too -I am in no position to ever give advice but I went from 10th to 2nd in our league by studying schedules and wrestlers and trades .I know so much useless info about college wrestling it is not funny .If someone has Lashaway -he is 31-5 and has beaten a ton of good wrestlers -including Accordino .
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    If they did not put up a trade deadline -how are you exploiting anything ? You are within the rules . You did not make the rules -you are simply following them -but I would do this as soon as possible .
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    If you need a 41 go get one . The OSU /Hofstra match was exciting onn the radio and Accordino has NO fear -he caught Jaggers in a cenent mixer but Jaggers wrigggled out -lost to Jaggers 5-3 -has beaten Hoehn,Mansen -just go to intermat or the Hofstra site -he is a hell of a kid -EVERYONE on your bench is useless -I don't care how good they are -if you aren't going to wrestle them they may as well be castrated clowns .
    Wrestling 10 when everyone else has 11 puts you at a distinct disadvantage .
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    God grief man,
    you don't advertise what you need -makes you look desperate -if you know everyone's roster start PM'ing them -Accordino would be a great catch -I was thinking of wrestling him over Cleveland -23-11 with 11 falls as a freshman -beaten alot of god guys -3 losses to Ryan Williams of ODU-who is Dart's back up ? Cleveland beat Benevica 13-6 and stuck him . Krom is out there somewhere .
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    Was just wondering if your trade deadline has passed ? ours has primarily because of me -but I have pretty much shot my wad -from 10th to 2nd -but I traded away and away and away -
    anyway -why not trade one of your Flex wrestlers for a 141 lber ? Trade leBlanc or Moley for a top 10-15 141 -who knows what will happen ? You KNOW McLemore isn't going to win -what do you have to lose ?
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    GF ,
    You still holding your breath on Glasser turning it on ? He has a rather Herculean task ahead of him not to go 0-2 in the big 10's .
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    Hal won 5-1 I think-regular dec. and Halsey won 12-6 -that true second shit had me scared for a minute -guy wrestles a 2ot match then has to come back and wrestle 20 mnutes later ? 46 ponts for 2 second place guys isn't too bad -I wrestled the same 2 -Barnes actually outscored chamberlain with his true second fall 27-25 -I know the pac 10 sucks but there is no way to justify having the #6and #7 ranked guys wrestle for true second -they lost to #12 and #5.
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    Where was Brown ?
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    Kyler ,Borshoff ,Saddoris and Chinn are ranked ahead of him .
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    Div 1 has him ranked 5th in his conference -deservedly so.
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    I had Grajales for a minute then I saw that he didn't wrestle senior night so if he's dinged they won't wrestle him until conferences -stayed with Brown from CMU-why would you NOT wrestle SENIOR night ?
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    yea -I went ahead and used Chris Brown too -I traded for him -might as well use him -I traded for Glasser just for last weekend -that worked out ok-Really , Powless should be at 174 but can't beat Perry so he won the wrestle off at 84 and dumbass Goldman wrestles him at 97-the kid is 18 and wrestling 2 weights over his head and is 17-9/-3-1 in the big 10-I used to be a hoosier fan and I never thought he'd win a match in the big 10. He gave Todd fits the week before; 9-5 is respectable .
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    Just being a gopherphan...that's all.
  15. View Conversation rock!
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    GF-just wanted to compliment you on your smart play of picking up Yates and his 1200000 matches -he won't do shit in the tourney w/out a good draw but he is racking up points for you -I traded fat ass -MASSEY-for Garnett and everyone thought I was crazy -which may be true -but I can get a fat heavy anywhere -where can I get a little asskicker with a slight chance to AA-more than slight after majoring Sentes -scored me 13 this week -
    Well played sir .
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    I'd still do it sure, I dont have any use for Hernandez
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    Missouri had there chance to make that happen but, couldn't beat Penn State. Borschel will beat him again if they meet at the NCAA's
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    LOL, you know you believe it, deep down in your heart you believe it.
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    Your new Sig is: "Ra-Jay will never man handle Jay-Bo, I was misguided in my belief that would ever happen and entering into a Sig bet with Wiltz is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun, it never turns out well."
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