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    Did you mention that ''proposed'' trade to LoSt ? He wants to trade me for Beatty-? I never mentioned it because the less he knows the better .
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    I already have your roster written down... Except I have giant X marks through Rader, Grajales, Galante, Ward, and Steele, as they are all injured, have lost their spot, or are sitting out

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    125: Matt McDonough
    133: Scotti Sentes
    141: Reece Humphrey
    141: Zach Bailey
    149: David Greenwald
    149: Garret Scott (Torsten Gillespie)
    157: Steve Brown
    157: Sean Nemec
    165: Dan Vallimont
    174: Mack Lewnes
    174: Nate Lee
    184: Pat Bradshaw
    197: Logan Brown
    HVY: Tucker Lane
    HVY: Mark Ellis
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    As long as you are not mad -I'l pass . The big 10 is wide open at 197 -excluding Brandvold-#10 Brown,#12 Biondo, Bond ?? great sometimes and REALLY bad the rest .#22 Powless from IU-who beat Brown and Biondo last year and Mangrum could break out for OSU this year .
    That and the fact 141s are scarce and I want to keep starks (as he is really good when healthy ) and Varner ,Brester and Taylor own that weight .Seth has lost , 7-5 ,to Naumann and 7-1 to Hump-he won't lose to many others .
    Washington was 15-8 last year and not much of a schedule . Melde will wrestle 40+ matches and started UR and is now 17 going up-plus he wreestles no one .Take a gander at Rutgers schedule . so Washington would not even be a back up .Russ
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    Not really ,I just felt so bad I could not sleep. I doubt I'd use Keatty other than a back up as Orozco has Reno and the Scuffle and 2 duals in December -but if you want I will.Russ
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    Goph -Since you know JensenS better than me you had better explain it to him . I don't want this posted every where . The trade is fine to post but everything else about the Gentleman's agreement I would prefer keeping between us .
    The ball is in your court .
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    Goph -
    I had Ness last year but Zapp did not count fft.s so when ASU had 6 133 lbers on their roster and fft'ed to Ness I got mad and traded him -it was stupid but I traded him to Zapp's rival.I have always been a Ness fan even when he was wrestling my Angel !! That was before IU fell out of my good graces .
    I can't remember my youth but Angel wrestled 135 in high school and this is his fifth year at 125 .i knopw I grew some where in there -Angel has not .At 135 his senior year he only had one match that he won by decision -the rest were bonus .I figured he'd be att 133 this year -I watched Hernandez dam near kill himself to make 133 his Jr. year and he wants Kinser/Coughlin to cut to 149 ?
    CMU is now my alma mater -at least I tell people that .
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    Goph -
    Look at yesterday around 2:00pm-that is when I mention how disappointed I was in not hearing from MOJO-the deal was in place he just took his time .Russ
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    I had Stewart last year and Berrelli always sits his varsity guys some times -that is why I don't draft them in fantasy anymore -don't worry about Bennett -Miller is going nowhere !! If Miller starts losing he'll lose his spot as fast as Krugere lost his last year -but I don't see that happening .
    I had ,in my draft pages -Kevin Smith above Grey and Austin Trotman in the top 15 -I drafted Trotman and still bet he is in the top 15 before years end ,so go to Wiltz about picking him up before he wins more matches and is in the top 15 -he is 22 now but majored 2 big 10 guys at MSU open . Smith's schedule doesn't make him worth the risk but right now the little shit is 11-2-losing to Bell and Mitcheff-tearing everyone else apart -13 td's against Hofstra .
    You have a lot of wrestling knowledge but I study every conference at every weight .I won't tell LoSt but I'll tell you who I am looking at in supp.-trade Rader before he breaks your heart again .
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    my PC keeps crashing -MOJO came through so as I agreed to that trade I'll first I'll do it -I still have Starks and eth but Don't feel right about trading an unknown.
    I'll get back to you as my PC keeps crashing .Russ
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    Goph -
    I forwarded you the e-mail I received from Army .
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    I have conflicting reporsts -the SID at ARMY said he'd be back next week then the coach and wrestling coordinator said they ''could not respond to the nature of an injury''-i just hope I didn't get some cadet in trouble -the coach hinted that it would be wise to hold onto him as he is the hardest working kid in the room and they still expect great things from ''Cadet Starks''-I'd last about a minute in the Army .
    if I coulg guarantee his return I'd trade and that would be a good trade for both -you'd upgrade at 141 and lose 3 spots at 197 -if you want to chance it we can trade or we can trade with the understanding if Starks does not return in a certain time frame we can reverse the trade in the 3 week limit .
    If Starks returns this week I'll just keep him -Washington is on drugs or something as he lost to my back up 141 ,Melde . Starks is ranked #1 in the EIWA as is Ciasulli-
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    That shit happens all the time -Bennett beat him 2 years ago when he first got there or last year -point being Bennett is as tough as they come at 174 -184 is a whole different ballgame -Miller will wrestle about 85-90 % of all matches with the 174 back up getting a few matches cause that is the way Berelli coaches .
    I would not count on Radar all year -the kid has done this 2 years straight and now he is acam ieligible ?? The only thing which worries me is 2 people have reneged on trades and their promises so far -I was counting on a few things that did not occur but I held up my end in both instances . i should be ok until supp.-so who cares -I'll make it or not -I was s far behind last year -right now -if the season were to end I'd be i the top 3 and have as good a chance as anyone .A #2,#2 #10 #1 #3 #10 #11 #9 #10 and #11 and flex a #10-just when a man like MOJO promises you something you usually take it to the bank .
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    I may have found you a 125 for the supplemental if you have to go that route -LARA from Oregon State -majored the wisconsin kid and Bartelli from Boise yesterday -was great off his feet and was smooth throughout against Boise State .pac10 has Robles and no one else so there is your finalist .
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    I still have not heard from MOJO so it looks like I am fft. ing 197 this week too.I never expected this from MOJO-he promised to make this trade as Ortega has a bunch of pud duals coming up-notice I was flexing Ness? That's because Ortega pinned 6-7 of the guys guys he wrestled in the Hoosier and FITE duals last year .
    I know it is impossible not to but I hate ffting a weight class.
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    if you want to try to hook up a 3 way trade with Grips I'm down . e'll end up getting stuck with Nemec who got beat by Jameson in wrestle offs -I only have one 157 and one and a maybe 165 's
    125 Esco/Bonanao 133 Ness /Ortega/141 Melde Caisulli 149-Metcalf , 157 O'Conner ,165 Young and Kerber ,174-Manuel ,184 Thomuseit and Craig , 197 Starks Hwt-Birchler . I'll help you guys if I can .
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    I just don't like having my integrity called into question by a little kid -nor GAGE either -since I told LoSt I have nothing he wants and vice versa I haven't received a single PM. But I can't get rid of GAGE-so I just put him back on the ignore list .
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    That kid Pestered me for ever -if you don't -I WILL-.I made him a trade that gave him a top 10 141 and the little chit swore his dad was right there -then Trusty says he'll have to ''check it out'' when I was giving him my #1 141 for aa back up lower ranked 149 lber . If Trusty can't at least keep GAGE from aggravating people to death then I'll teach GAGE a lesson . The kid flat out lied to me , harased me until I gave up-and this is after I did what JensenS told me -to PM trusty about GAGE -GAGE apologized then promptly lit my board up again .
    I have a tandem of 141's who work well together and I was trying to help by giving up my starter for LeValley ? And then Monte comes off like I was ripping him off .Ciasulli is #10 in the nation and #1 in the EIWA and defending EIWA champ-I went way out f my way to help GAGE and his dad and got verbally abused for my trouble -that was the predominant reason I was depressed last week .
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    Send GAGE Triggas and WARD for epperly and Kjar .
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    I took GAGE off my ignore list and I think you should take Kjar and Epperly and let Monte stew in his own juices for not being able to control his kid . JensenS had approved the last trade and then Monte comes in like I am raping his son when I was losing on the deal-like Metcalf needs a back up.
    I had PM'd Trusty about GAGE and he kept pestering me -so DO it . Then Monte will take away GAGE's computer and we'll all be happier .
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