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Nathan Fargo 7X All American at Fargo

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05-18-2008, 02:13 PM
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  1. Ken Shirtaugh
    Furches, can your kid kick your ass on the mat?
  2. ban basketball
    Nice. At least show some decency to the guy. He is a pastor!
  3. Ken Shirtaugh
    That was my attempt at a compliment Ban! If I had a kid, and he could kick my ass in wrestling, I'd be very proud..
  4. Schlottke
    Some nice hardware
  5. Avallone
    Way to go Nate!!!!
  6. furches
    Just seeing this Ken, didn't see it as a slam or anything. It all depends as to if the other kid is a fish or not. When not a fish he can be tough, especially in greco, decent in FS and okay in folkstyle, there are a lot of kids better in both FS and Folkstyle, not many in Greco. He has AA at Fargo now 8 times 3 in FS and 5 in Greco countng cadets and Jr's, as to kicking my ass on the mat, I have a weight advantage and a few years of other styles of fighting, if strict wrestling nope because of the weight, and I still have a lot of illegal technique and mma experience on him. Remember I was a national "Golden Gloves" runner up, and come from a pretty serious boxing family, 2 uncles multi national golden gloves champions. I still know how to throw some pretty mean punches.
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