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Random Stuff
  1. Tony, Karissa, Nathan and Mike
  2. Karissa and Nathan hamming it up
  3. Nathan and Karissa
  4. Avallone, Furches
  5. Murder 1 2 Counts, Attempted Murder 1 1 Count, Much More and my family and I were supposed to be there.
  6. Me with Route 66
  7. Wrestling with the Devil
  8. Tyler Graebner the toughest kid I ever knew
  9. The Church I pastor is a little different
  10. The Retiring of the shoes for Tyler
  11. Me the Preacher, albeit different kind of preacher
  12. Me the Bass Player
  13. Me and some of the great kids I have worked with, all inner city, tough backgrounds
  14. I actually played two college sports, Football and Soccer.  Nope, I know didn't wrestle but did have a pretty good boxing and MMA career.
  15. t shirt wizzers
  16. My familywith Gracia Burhnam
  17. Jesus don't Tapout!
  18. One of the many tournaments I have spoken at
  19. Yep me enjoying the country life
  20. One of the Web Sites I write for, we receive between 7 and 12 million hits a day.
  21. Jesus is cool
  22. Jesus followers
  23. Furches Beer
  24. Kansas Wizzers, National Team Logo.  This team which I coach has won Brute Nationals 3 years in a row now.
  25. American Adreneline Cover and Feature Story
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