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  1. Hi grecomom, my name is Mark, my wife's name is Jana and we live in Nebraska. Our son is Breckin Coffey who be at 157.
    We plan on being at most if not all the duals and tournaments so we'll introduce ourselves to your boys and maybe can get you some pictures or what not if you like?!?!?!
    Fort Dodge is a great little town and they'll be just fine. It offers a great college atmosphere and the wrestling program is outstanding!
    Move-in day went well and it appears the wrestlers are a very close knit group who "stick together". The apartments might be alittle cramped but honestly I doubt any of them care.
    My email address is and my cell is 402-366-3088...we'll keep in touch with you!
  2. Hello,
    Please give us a call, i would love to talk to another parent! (925)458-0818. Will you attend any duals or tournaments? We will not be bringing the boys they are flying out on Friday. I do know who their roomates are the first is Michael Garofalo
    and the other is Elard Coello.
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