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  1. Dutch -I wish I still had Ruschell but I inherited a team with several holes in it and running out of time as points will be scarce from here on -after the midlands and Scuffle you pretty much have shot all point getting events . The Va Duals and the Nat Duals and CAA are about it -I wish I'd made this trade a week earlier as Kyler won the Scuffle and Krom Midlands but ...sure wish Dudziak had shown . holler at me next week before line ups are due and maybe we can work something out -Im at the point where I''ll have to start sacrificing quality for quantity .russ
  2. Just got done running a tournament and am now in NC at a tournament. give me a couple days, wish you still had Ruschell. We may be able to get something done
  3. Dutch -have you given any thoughts to these trades ?? I am open to sugestions .
  4. 165 Vallimont for Russo and Fisk for Dennis ??-Fisk will win the EIWA and Dennis is 4th in the big 10. Or some variation on this ??? I'll throw in 149 #2 Ruschell for #12 Mueler .
  5. Dutch,
    I may be interested in Russo or Steele-i have Dudz but his schedule sux.Want to try and put a package together ?? Make it fun over here ??
  6. No problem -about now is when JBB begins to wrestle -started last year 5-6-I think he can win the scuffle . I am from In. and I have known Paul Young for year and he is as good as anyone -hopefully he'll break out this year -17-2 with 6 falls ,2 techs and 2 majors plus 2 fft.s .Already scored me 86 points in the other league .
  7. after midlands i may have something for you
  8. JBB is too streaky and doesnt wrestle enough, I like Vallimont, but can't find a trade that works to get him. i also wouldn't trade for him until after midlands since they are not wrestling
  9. No go ??
  10. Would you be interested in in Vallimont and JBB for Moley and ???
  11. Who are they ?? I offered Snackem -Ruschell and Drouin for Kyler and Krom and never heard back /// a #2 and 12 for a #9 and 10 seems fair to me . I want Sentes but that guy has no computer .I've done the best I can with this team in the last 48 hours -but if no one wants to trade ?? I may have NC's from 174 out to hwt .
  12. Unforutnately there are only a couple guys who are active in this league, so I don't know how much help I can be. My team is built for the post-season, but right now I am over 50 points out of 4th place. I just hope I have a good conference week to get into the top 6 for the NCAA's. I need to trade one of my HWT's but you have Dudziak
  13. If you have any pull in this league I need a good 33 pounder and my entire line up is for trade -Jason Lara is going to be great -just not an Aa this year -much along the lines of Kjar but with a better schedule -these are the primary guys I am willing to let go-Vallimont 165//manuel 174//and the Boise Stater team of Swartz and Cuthberson -the others will be expensive -Kilgore /Varner and Dudziak . I would love to have Dennis but not at the price I would have to pay you and you do not need anyone I have .
  14. I have TNick and Kjar
  15. Who you working with at 125 ?
  16. Wiltz gave the CMU 125 ago at the top of the page .
  17. Dutch-
    Would you take Drouin for Dake ??
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