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  1. Dutch-
    Do you need an extension on the Orozco trade ? If so-let me know as he is actually the property of Snackem-I traded him Ward so he would not have to fft a tournament.
    Let me know.
  2. Dutch,
    Zapp is ffting 2 weight classes as of now. 133 and 165 and sux at 3 others . Points wise I would not worry-as long as you have a strong conference team you are in . The top 4 from here on won't change much-no more big weeks-I have a few guys at CAAs and Lone Star otherwise -there will be few times when anyone gets more than 20 matches a week, if that. I was hoping to trade for a 197 but will have to settle on Orozco-guy wanted Oliver and?? for Kilgore and ??-Kilgore beat Kennedy 6-2-no way he is championship material.
  3. Thanks for letting me know about getting into 4th. I think Zapp and I are going to be in a heated battle for the last spot! I am hoping I can stay ahead, but I need some guys to get healthy!
  4. Most likely yes, but it would depend on who it is. Just let me know what you have in mind and I will yah or nay it!
  5. Dutch -
    Just finished doing the scores and I have you passing Zapp and taking over 4th spot. Congrats !!
  6. Dutch-
    If I can find you a 174 would you prefer that to getting Toal back ? Pretty sure I can get you a 10-15 .
  7. Dutch-
    Try as I may-I cannot just give up-guess I was born w/out that gene . Surely there is SOMETHING we can do to improve our teams . Wish the chat feature worked -if I had one iota of faith in Bubba I was thinking of a deal involving Burroughs and John and ?? for Caldwell,Bubba and ??-but I just think he is worthless and a waste of talent. I paid too much for Bosak and Oliver-not your fault-Bosak just NOT that big a move up from Ihnen to give up Green and Ihnen for him.If you can think of anything I'll listen . Russ
  8. Sounds good
  9. Dutch-
    I'll make the trade back the 22nd -3weeks exactly and then send Orozco back for Ward -send you Toal back the 22nd -if this is ok let me know-I need to get him back to Snackem-I am DONE trading after that as MOJO is unbeatable. Let me know if this is ok with you as I'll need to clear an extension with snack.
    Good luck making top 4 or WC-there are 2 WC's and MOJO will get one . Start planing now for the second one.
  10. Dutch-
    I have rutgers schedule in my hand and they wrestle on 1/7 Harvard and Brown and 1/9 UNC-the other matches are on the 15th .Army/Cleveland state /USMMA . USMMA has fft'd to Binghamton and buffalo 2x now. Just an FYI.
  11. Dutch-
    As a way to kill some time -Would you take #16 Orozco (197) for Toal (165) for 3 weeks ? That way we buy some time-and you fill a hole as Riley has 3-4 easy matches .And I fill a hole as Burroughs has 2 weeks off.
  12. Pisses me off that Brandvold didnt wrestle, but hopefully this gets me back in the mix. I just ran our own tournament, so I am fried right now, but definitely will try and work something out.
  13. Great week !!!
  14. Dutch-
    I've been working on a 3 way to get you a top 15 174 for one of your 65's . I might trade you #3AMU but he is my only 74 so we'd have to juggle somethings.
    I have Burroughs but that does not mean We can't get something going. It has been a looong day and my team sux and I am tired but I'll figure something out.
    So far I've sent you Nicholson ,Gillespie,Green and Ihnen .I've gotten back Rader,Bosak.Stabile and Vinson . And we are still doing pretty good . I only scored 203 as my hwt med def out after going 1-1
  15. Dutch-
    hate to bother you but Cocozzo will be at Midlands -not Scuffle -sometimes JensenS won't score a guy if at wrong tournament .
  16. Yeah, I want to see how Radar does
  17. Dutch-
    After Reno do you want to discuss a trade involving Green and or Kinser ?

    Before the supp these are the guys I am willing to discuss options with
    174 #3 AMU--141-Drouin#14-285 Lane #10-184 -Ihnen #10 149-Green/Kinser #8/10-197 -Ward #11-125-Mango #10
  18. Dutch-
    I would not want to trade until after the first of the year -if you are not interested then I'll throw Colt back in the supplemental draft and pick another 157 . Let me know before 12/15 or so -that is when the supp draft is .
  19. When did you want to make the trade? I am probably not going to be interested, John's schedule matches up with Bubba's pretty well and I definitely would not want to do it before Midlands since Bubba is off that week.
  20. Dutch-
    Have you entertained any thought to trading John ?? I have Salazar if you need a 157 -Colt has 3 duals and the MSU open and the CK by DEC 3, or ,you could trade me Bubba -Colt can back up all the days Jenkins misses or just say no.
    Later, Russ
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