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  1. Those are great ideas. With your encyclopedia-like knowledge, I think we could make some good stuff.
  2. Just a couple potential ideas
    This week in College wrestling
    -a weekly recap of Indiana wrestlers and teams in college at all levels
    This week in wrestling
    -a weekly recap of high school matches and you could add a college section if you wish

    Just something I was thinking about. Tell me what you think.
  3. I'll get back with you in a couple days. I'm working on the messageboard right now, it should be up later tonight.
  4. I checked it out, but I couldn't figure out how to use the messageboard.
    You're damn right I'll write for your site. Give me some topics/subjects, and I'll get started.
    Thanks for the compliment, too. Let's get this b!tch rolling.
  5. Check out, screw the other board. Also if you want, I would like you to possibly write some articles/recaps/etc for the site. You're a great writer and I know you want to do it
  6. I'll take 7
  7. Pick your position in the draft 1-6 are taken
  8. Yeah, there are 1-3 more spots left.
  9. Is there still a spot left? I can't access that site from work, so I was hoping to do it when I get home this evening.
  10. Join the fantasy football league, we need at least one more.
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