Life o' the dart

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Pictures for life, liberty and wrestling.
  1. Creepy office picture (according to fanforlife)
  2. Who own da Chiefs? 
  3. TUF8 contestant Dave Kaplan from ODU back in 2002.
  4. Me and the youngest niece, Ryan.
  5. Me and Ryan again.
  6. Me and my oldest niece, Alana.
  7. nbc shout out.
  8. Spenser Mango wins first match in Beijing.
  9. My desk during the first day of the Olympics.
  10. pizza at Matty Wright's..
  11. Yeah, this is me at my sister's place at ODU. 
Circa 1982 
(note the 8-track)
  12. Man, how time has flown by. 
Jan 1997
  13. Yeah, I got pwn3d shortly thereafter. 
April 2001
  14. Yeah, I'm just chillin'
  15. Me with the Coach Strobel and Mrs. Coach. 
July 2008
  16. I'm from the south ... yes, they are bowling shoes.
  17. Working at Junior Nationals 
July 2007
  18. Wow, look at this gem ... I'm wrestling in the ODU intramural tournament. 
April 2001
  19. Californ-eye-ay.
  20. Don't go to Azerbaijan. 
Sept 2007
  21. Back in Fargo in like 2002 or something.
  22. Me and Elizabeth at the Olympic Trials
  23. This is Anonymous and I.
  24. Honestly, the perks of media credentials are pretty cool.
  25. Sarah and I
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