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  1. JB,
    As I've mentioned , I am pretty much home bound , but I am an avid fan-if you could elaborate on what you need I might be able to help.
  2. Dart-
    Would you happen to know what the CAA duals look like ? I have researched and Sacred Heart supposedly has 5 duals ,Bing-3 ,Hofstra 4, ODU -4, and Boston 3 ??
    I know you are tight with the CAA and was wondering if you could help ? I am trying to decide on whether to flex Santaiante but if he has RUG and Hutter THAT would be foolish.
    Thanks ,
  3. Dart-
    Would you be interested in Lister for Salazar ?
  4. Dart-
    Would you be interested in Scheidel and Mitchell/Ward for Trotman and Burak ?Nate is 17-4 and should win the CAA again Mitchell is 10-2 and Ward 11-2. Ward is the epitome of all I hate in a wrestler -a ton of talent but no discipline. With Scheidel's schedule he should win 40+ matches .
  5. I tried to copy and paste the e-mail from Mockbut couldn't .sorry .
  6. Dart-Goph asked me if you would like to help him out at 149 or 174 -he has a boatload of hwt.s and Glasser . Either reply to him or me -and I'll pass it on -he is working ALL the time and the coach from UNC just e-mailed me Stabile is done for the year -maybe longer .russ
  7. DS-
    The interest is out there . This site started with one , then 2 and now 3 fantasy leagues and provides an idea home for old grouchy men like me who would rather drink urine than watch a pro basketball or college for that matter , game . The deck is stacked against wrestling and we need a PR guy or some kind of internet deal-when I suggested 30,000 people would pay 3.00 to watch ISU/Iowa lost said I was crazy -that point is moot .I still sat we can get an audience of .00001 % of the population .
    I don't know how many people hit TWT but Schlottke mentioned a very high #-if wrestling govenoring body could tap into that we could easily (according to Schlott)rake in $400,000 a year -put a small twist on the numbers and that could easily be doubled or trebled .
  8. Ds
    don't blame you -I picked him up as a back end of a trade -he's gone come supp.
  9. Absolutely not.
  10. Dart-
    You at all interested in Decker ?
  11. DS-
    I would love to read the article on Craig but since I have been disabled I am having a hard time feeding myself . 4 years ago I went from $$40K to $700.00 a month-I have lost my house and just about all that other worldly stuff . The only reason I am on line is the phone company cuts disabled folks a break .
    I am not complaining just explaining that $3 a month is beyond my means -literally . If not for the local library I would not mind leaving this world -they let me do some volunteer work and gave me an old PC they were throwing away . Oh well,such is life .
  12. No worries.
  13. Sorry , just been a crazy few days -I am happy with Angel but someone keeps PMing me .Sorry again , Russ
  14. Yes, James Nicholson at 125 is wrestling ... he redshirted his freshman year. I thought I'd made that clear in previous messages. As for trading him, not an option. I won't trade any of my ODU guys. That's just the inner "homer" in me.
  15. Is Nicholson -125 -wrestling this year ? If so would you trade him For Gallick , the #2 141 in the nation ?
  16. James Nicholson has already redshirted, it's John that still might and he beat st John in the semis not finals
  17. Vinson ,Letts ,Mangrum ,Taylor and Monterio were all on my short list as was Marble as back up 33 as was filip .Vinson could wrestle nearly 50 matches this year . I'd hear Nicholson was RSing or I would have taken him over Esco . Bonano was as close as I could get -Nicholson at 57 could finish 2nd to JBB if they let him wrestle . A friend of mine in the other league said he just kicked St. John's ass in the finals .
  18. Dart ,
    I waited for ever for Banga and Zapp has the nerve to call him a sleeper ? Is this story true ? That in Banga's first--In America --match he took the guy down and after he couldn't turn him he cut him like freestylers do ?
  19. I know, but I talked to Martin last week when I was in Virginia ... said it's still "up in the air" ... but if I had to guess, he'll be in the lineup
  20. DS,
    Earl has Nicholson-the freshman -at 157 -I know he up[set St. john in the Iowa sates but that's a big leap.
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