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  1. It's a "wait and see" with Nicholson, but Baxter is in school, might be ineligible. I saw him at the home opening football game. They're not sure what they're going to do with a couple of line-up issues.
  2. DS,
    Do you know if Nicholson is redshirting or not ? also, i noticed Baxter was not on ODU's roster .
  3. that is great news !! Thanks alot . Their roster has one or two transfers from Boise state on it and , as I mentioned , Ray just kicked Kubec's ass last year .
  4. Yup, Utah Valley University (name change) is eligible for the Division I Nationals.
  5. Hey DS ,
    Do you know whether Utah Valley State is going to nationals this year ??-I am pulling hard for Kjar as my nephew has a facial deformity . Also, Ray kicked Kubec's ass in the Best of the West at 133-and Kelly had a good first year .
  6. HTH did Hoehn get the 5 seed and Williams the 8th-Hoehn was majored by my guy , Cleveland, and lost to an NAIA kid -and his record is worse to boot .
  7. Op has already beaten Strawn, so has Byers. Not sure on why Fagiano was out for more than a month, but I don't have any "inside" knowledge on it. It could be more of the same and could not be, I don't know.
  8. DS-why was Fagiano suspended ? I know he failed a urine at IU so that should have made any suspension much more costly . Unless they kept it ''in house''-which would be stupid . Hall s a very good wrestler and when I had Patterson they sent him up to wrestle him -Strawn is as good as any 197 outside the top 10 and Fag upset a lot of guys last year .
    I would worry more about him than Oplinger as he comes from a better program and has better workout partners .
  9. I think the Big Ten releases theirs during the week. Many seeding meetings are the day prior.
  10. Any idea as to when they will release the seeds for each conference ? In high school we used to just argue and sometimes fight over seeds -I would pay to be at the seeding for 133 and 165 and 141 at the big 10's .
    I tried all season to trade for williams at 41 but that guy who has him quit after the first week .I decided to flex Brown rather than honeycutt .
  11. I was going to flex him but our schedules goin so early -I am thinking of flexing him with Stewart at the NCAA's -These guys over here got into a bidding war for my 184 -Patterson -and I ended up with Caputo and Baker for him -what do you think ? I have Kennedy and Baker at 33 so I may flex them -worked my way up from 10th to 4th through trades and examaning schedules for matches -I trade 2x as much as LoSt -had no choice 4 redshirts and a guy quit before the seasion started .Calcuzzo from Edinboro-transferring to Rutgers .
  12. They've been trying to sit him out since after the Bucknell dual. Tweaked his knee, they were going to sit him against UVA, but the dual needed him. No threat against Rider, so they're resting him for another week. He should be in against VT and NC State.
  13. DS-I know how busy you are but I NEED some info on why Brown did not wrestle last week -I had planned on flexing him this week but may have to go with Honeycutt instead -ANY info would be greatly appreciated . Thanks .
    Ps-I belief you have the wnning team in your league as Williams and Nicholson will both AA and Williams may fool around and win 141 .Good luck.
  14. Just noticed Filip Novacek went down to 133 for the CA open -is he good to go at that weight from now on ? Might be a good pick up.
  15. Really glad to see Rebertus back and kick a for you -good luck .
  16. I can't listen to those assholes on Flo either -Back in my day -when they changed the rule about the front Salto-I was told it was a DQ move -why didn't the ref's call it -Or am I wrong ? The Flo guys acted like it was a travesty that Hump was penalized . Maybe I misconstrued the rule , but I've seen many a young wrestler break his fool neck from that move .
  17. Last night I was listening to the george Mason /VMI match and my guy -Byers -takes the mat -nada -finally 2 at the end of 1st then nada -Stall warning -then stall-thwn TD-then stall-now I'm sweating bullets because I was hoping for 6 and now if he gets DQ'd I get Jack-the announcer is saying the VMI kid is fleeing the mat as the whistle blows -5-2-I asked Zapp a hypothetical question today and he said I would have gotten 6 points -BS-he's awarded 0 everytime this year -in fact we recently voted on it because the rule sucks so much-7-2 to change-who knows what will happen but had he awarded me zero on a DQ I would have stroked out -after a few choice words .
  18. I'm not big on following rules -in fact most rules I find stupid and break them frequently -BUT you DO NOT mess with the rules of the greatest sport in the world .
    This is a sport , not some GAME-you do not PLAY wrestling -the only sport which comes close in sheer beauty is chess . Followed by boxing and Track and field .
  19. Agreed. I'd flip if Marable wasn't awarded the points for his default. I mean, the match started.
  20. Zapp is just adamant about some things -so much so that I am not participating next year -when you are arrogant enough to change the rules of wrestling that is pretty bad -also , I showed him all those results but he still never gave me the major -he wasn't going to give me the major Hall had but I saw that with my own eyes and TWT listed it as a major --I am just too competitive to roll over and die so I've scratched and clawed and I'll make the finals -but after this if JensenS will have me fine -but no more of this no fft. , inj. def .shit .
    I mean Dam , this is Div 1, if you can't field a full squad the coach needs his ass kicked ..
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