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    Thank you so much -I am in dire need of some points and was hoping Patterson from Binghampton would get 12 matches or so-I have 3 my back up 57 and 41 from Hofstra and Patterson ...JBB has been doing well recently after his rather horrid start so I thought I'd toss those two in for some matches-had 2 wrestlers at the Va duals and they went 7-0-Stewart and Henrich.
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    Man, if that is your picture we may have been separated at birth-although I am 709 years old .
    Was looking for some info on the CAA duals -I have some wrestlers participating and how does it work ? Do they split the conference or draw names or seed or ..?
    How many matches should I expect ? I'm guessing 3 but who wrestles whom ?

    Orozco is now at 184 and he is 3-0 with a major -I mention this as I had asked you previously about that possibility .
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    Maybe after the season...alot of us "alums" want to chat with him.
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    Can you try to get Jim Jackson on the show? We were talking about the highschool to college transition for coaches but more importantly, I think it would be great to get him on to talk about the program as well as the Clash this weekend. How was the Clash by the way? Heard you were there.
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    Thank you so much -as a high school coach I never experienced an advncement dual-the guaranteed thhird match is great because if you are a stud on a BS team you'd be 2 and out even if you were Kong . Thank you so much -Marble is an underrated little guy at a program making a comeback-I wrote a paper in College for my PE minor about how Title IX would break men's sports -especially nonrevenue -I hate being right sometimes -that was 1980.
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    Pardon my intrusion but I seek enlightenment -I need to figure out my line-up and need to know how the Virginia duals work-# of matches , etc . I am thinking of wrestling Marble from Bucknell and was wondering if he would wrestle 2,3 , 4 ?? matches -I am unfamiliar with the format and would greatly appreciate any info you would be kind enough to share with me . Thanks .
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    I don't care what anyone says -no one should change the rules of the greatest sport in history -but Zapp feels he can so there is nothing I may do but object vehemently -which I do-not to mention it has robbed me of 24 points -in a dual I suggeste 3 for the sheer effort of practice and making weight -NO-I'll never understand a tournament though -if you don't give placement points you are penalizing the guy who keeps plugging along . If a guy med fft's out -tough titty- should be 6 points .
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    Also-I used to be a wrestling coach-the home team is responsable for the scooe book .If they screw up it could lead to a default -Stewart from CMU majored a kid from Drexel 10-2 but since the almighty scorebook on interrmat showed 2-0 he only gave ne 3 points -although I cited 4 places whee the score was 10-2 -ISU2008 ? had the same problem ad JensenS fixed it imediately -the HOME TEAM is always the scoreboo which counts -that is why I screened my matmaids so carefully . I don't really like the fantasy because the teams don't care.
    You want to save wrestling -get the mob involved and start betting on individual results -then you'd see injury reports in the paper -a bigger fan base and money flowing in -but you'd see the denise of our sport as well-you don't think title ix would have hit small college b-ball teams already if not for 10 billion being bet every week ?
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    When Todd went down my season was grinding to a halt so I studied and compared schedules to make my line-up have as many matches as possible but without the best talent-and it has worked so far -I am wrestling 8 at the midlands and 3 at the scuffle --all are seeded but 141 and Mclemore and Hernandez should score something -I have a big problem with Zapp not counting fft.'s or med for 's in tournaments -the guy didn't miracle his ass to the next round -and this is Div 1 there shouldn't be any fft's-I'm offering two for one to get a 97 lber but no one wants to do shit over here . Offering Jarequi and Howe for Jones or Bradshaw or Halsey -no one wants it -anyone can pick the top seeds but I am doing it the hard way -and if I do make the finals I am screwed because my talent level isn't that great -but in 3 weeks I've gone from 11th to 6th place .
    I read your work often and am truly impressed -which is a hard thing to do-impress me.
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    Thanks -I had so many guys quit , redshirt or switch weight classes that I've used up all my waivers over in our fantasy league and trying to get someone to trade is horrific -at 149 alone I've had -Corocozzo, Baxter, Mason, Jarequi and Ruschell--first time at this fantasy stuff and I didn't know about 'scored' tournaments and such-lost 100+ points the first 2 weeks cause guys would wrestle but the tounament didn't count -also Zapp doesn't count fft 's -which is changing the rules of the sport -which i'm not fond of at all-I'm in 10th place but after week 7 is tallied I'll be in the top 6-as a wrestling efficianado I'd appreciate your thoughts on my line up-
    Precin, Dennis/Marble ,Hernandez/Mclemore , ruschell/Jarequi,Kinser ,Stewart/Glasser/Howe,Trotman,Patterson,Orozco,and Massey-I see my weaknesses but had to draft certain guys for immediate points -Orozco got me more points in one tourney than Todd did all year . Hope the Alaskan Assassin does well in the Scuffle.
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    I was wondering if you know how I might find out what weight Orozco certified at -with Halsey back I have no 197 but was hoping maybe he weighed in at 184 just in case Halsey returned . Thanks -I really thought I had the super sleeper at 49 in Baxter -I'm glad you cleared up the weight issue as I've been cussing out the ODU coach for weeks .
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    You posted a message saying your best friends are Kurt and Kris VanDeusen. I am their older brother they have never met. Please forward my e-mail and phone number to them.


    408 390 8225
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    You missed a good one in Iowa City last Sat night. Totally different atmosphere then when you were there for the ASU dual. You gotta get there for one of the "big ones". It's like nothing else.
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    How has your trip been so far? Sounds like you were everywhere this week. You doing the Missouri open too?
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    I think Letts (Maryland) take on Lehigh this week. You have him scheduled possibly at MS Open or NC State Open but he should also get a match versus Lehigh. (I think anyway as I have David Craig (Lehigh) and showing a match with Maryland). 11/9.
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    Ha, you slipped it in there so smoothly I didn't even notice it (that is NOT what she said). Well done Twink.
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    MF has been pwned.
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    I wouldn't say he loves it yet, but he's getting along just fine. I think he likes the little perks that come with wrestling like hiding out in the locker room to sneak calls on his cell phone and take naps.
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    Haha, I won't comment on the life coach thing. Al was a pretty good wrestler for Findlay, placed 3rd and 2nd in some solid weight classes. He's not a household name by any means and he's been done wrestling for 10 years, so I wouldn't expect many to remember the name.
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Speaking in 12's ... Chapter 12-1

by Dart Shark on 04-15-2008 at 09:17 PM
Q: Is the phrase "Shammy Doogle Funky Butt Snuff" acceptable?

A: The phrase is acceptable if "funky" is substituted for say..."Darphaleptic", or maybe "Swamp Donkey". The problem lies in that "...Funky Butt" almost makes up "Funky Butt lovin" from that movie with the little pitcher kid, which is unacceptable.

I hate taxes ...

by Dart Shark on 04-09-2008 at 09:06 PM
... first time in my life I actually owe.

Effing bastards.

Canada on Strike... South Park, WTF.

by Dart Shark on 04-06-2008 at 10:47 PM
... stuck here in Kansas City ... watched the new South Park from this week.

Pretty weak episode.

T&P were about the only things funny in this, other than Butters being forced into some stupid crap again.

Last week's episode with the Heavy Metal reference wasn't noticed by too many folks under 30, since the 1981 movie was freakin' cool as hell, so I found humor in it.

Point being, I'm disappointed with this season so far.

Figured I'd give this thing a start...

by Dart Shark on 04-05-2008 at 11:37 PM
There I was ... staring down at a 34 oz. porterhouse steak at The Majestic in Kansas City.

"Frank Castle" and I are here in KC announcing the Brute-Adidas Nationals ... and right now, Frank is unleashing some bringage on the bathroom after his whimpy 8 oz. strip.

Some drunk people were shouting out of a fourth-floor balcony as we walked back to the hotel. Yeah, I think Kansas won that roundball game tonight.

Lawrence is going nuts ... which

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