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  1. they don't teach fractionalized banking in school-if you are a banker and lose money you must be an idiot -i've mentioned Fractionalized banking to friends before and they just said I was crazy -thank you for showing me the respect by looking it up.
  2. Hey cyc-just read some of Big's comments on the greatness of stalin . I couldn't stand it and posted -Stalin is the most reprehensable creature in HISTORY-I am not the patriot you are -this country has to much blood on it's hands -ie our entry into both world wars -Wilson and Roosevelt ran on a promise of not entering the war -Wilson used the legitimate sinking of the Lsitania to enter ww1 and Roosevelt moved the navy to Pearl Harbor [two of his Admirals quit in protest] and started the lendlease act and an oil embargo upon Japan and sacrificed Pearl Harbor just to enter ww2. These are just my beliefs .
  3. Hey Cyc-don't waste your time arguing with Big -you'll be right and have carpal tunnel for your efforts -choose your battles big could explain Tinnaman square as a necessary part of the communist philosophy .
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