Contini Photography

Just a small collection of some of my better nature photographs. If you enjoy them, check out some of my other pictures at:
  1. Rainbow lorikeets are numerous in Sydney!  This one is about to feed on the nectar of the flower.
  2. Crowing chicken
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. kookaburra
  5. Clovelly Bay's (Sydney, Australia) famous "Bluey", Blue Groper fish.  He is about a yard long, and very friendly.
  6. An Eastern Spinebill doing what he does best.
  7. praying mantis
  8. cuttle fish, found while snorkelling at Manly Wharf Shark Net (Sydney, Australia).
  9. prickly leatherjacket, found while snorkelling at the CHowder Bay Shark Net (Sydney, Australia).
  10. Tree at Grand Canyon
  11. Eastern Waterdragon
  12. satin bowerbird
  13. "Tonight We Celebrate Our Love" -- my multi-award winning photograph of a male and female superb fairy wren pair singing together.
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