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  1. yea i like doing leg press my max is about 520 4 times on good days

    good luck in your tournament
  2. for leg press i can do more than my weigh 145 on each side 20 time the machine does half of the work but it is still 290 i did 320 once 5 time it was great .i have a torment tomorrow
  3. congrats on your win keep working hard and you should win plenty more matches
    i played football too it helps you get stronger on your feet and you get better balance i was a lineman so i spent a lot of time squatting, doing deadlifts and leg press to get stronger legs which helps create good balance
  4. For my diet, i just ate smaller portions, but healthier foods for breakfast you can eat a bowl of oatmeal made with water instead of milk
    if you ever want to eat a snack keep some fruit or vegetables cut up into pieces in a container since they're there you won't want to get something else instead
    for lunch I would have a PB&J and about 4 oz. of milk(peanut butter for protein, I only used whole grain bread and drank skim milk) and then i would drink a few oz. of water throughout the day until practice
    for dinner I also had oatmeal on off days when i wouldnt workout as much and on regular days I would eat fresh baked chicken with any kind of veggies or pasta like spaghetti with little sauce
    drinking a lot of water really helps when losing weight so don't drink soda or sugary drinks stick to water and every now and then a gatorade is fine
    it took me a month of eating less and exercising more to see improvements so dont give up too quickly
  5. when you do the lateral you have to circle with your opponent and get an over and under tie-up so your left arm goes around his right arm with his elbow inside of yours, your right arm should go under his left arm and wrap your palm onto his shoulder make it tight by using your left fist and driving it towards your right elbow. then circle the mat while backing into him and drop to your left knee ( some people do it from standing position i like dropping to my knee) while pulling down with your right arm (it should still be pinching his until you bring him down) and lifting with your right execute the drop while tilting from your knee fast or else he can counter by pushing into you. it sometimes feels like you can't finish it when you're going down but it does work as long as you keep the hold practice it a lot and ask your coach about its better to see it then read it
  6. whats a good diet what do you eat?
  7. i do football and shot track and field
  8. how do you do the lateral is it ________ on left and straight under with right
  9. I won a match today . I stared we where hitting head I what him to shot so he tried a head and arm but i want for a single counter and ran it an pined him
  10. hey im a 270 HW and i know what you mean my first year i was just heavy set,lost every match, and had trouble making weight so i started a diet and workout plan lost some weight gained a lot of muscle and now im a pretty decent wrestler. strength helps so work on building that during the off season. after losing the weight and bulking up i got a lot faster pretty fast for a big guy so that should work for you next season. one thing i regret doing was not going to a wrestling camp after freshman year it really helps you improve as a wrestler so ask your coach about any camps.

    the lateral is a good move against a guy that is about the same height as you whether they're fast or not if you get the hold right you can make the lateral work against anyone
    just pummel for a while until you can get a tie-up over with your left and under with your right keep it tight by making a fist with your left hand and push it towards your right elbow
  11. Hi I'm 2 year wrestler I'm a 250 pound freshman . I've only won 2 match this hole season. If people are liter than me there faster and if they are more bigger they are stronger . Do you know any good moves i could do please I live in CA. How much do you weigh ?
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