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  1. I need to get familiar with all the new features here - I'm always playing catch up.
  2. Yeah - its pretty basic in terms of fighter details right now, but adds an open ranking system that members can use to rate a fighter. (Something I don't think the others have?) Has the "related videos" search, which takes them over to the video section for their name. Any suggestions for additions will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Cool - I'll check it out.
  4. Sweet, I hadn't thought of quite a few of those.

    I started building out a database beginning with the heavyweights. After I get the basics organized I'll get the photos and more fight details figured out.

    If you click "Reply" to Aleksander Emelianenko's basic Fighter profile you will see the review items I had added. Let me know if any of those are useless and I'll get the other stuff added shortly.
  5. I would say well roundedness (Randy lost last night and Chuck has lost recently because they always win the same way), gameplans and then wrestling, striking and bjj. With wrestling and striking, you could even make an offense and defense category, since someone like Randy has sub good defense but rarely looks for sub offense. Wrestling, of course, involves takedowns and defending takedowns.

    Others would be your camp, willingness to move to train for a fight to improve in certain areas (something Hammerhouse is notoriously bad about doing)
  6. Hey- If I was to set up a "Reviews" system where members could rank a fighter based on a core set of skills what do you think the most important 5-10 categories would be?
  7. If your interested and linking any current MMA fighters with past wrestling success, I'm sure everyone would help out. NCAA brackets are easy to link to.

    I remember on themat someone found Matt Hamill pinning Hahn in a tournament final which was interesting. I also remember someone putting up CMU results with Baroni in the lineup, . . . .
  8. Very good, thanks! I'll try to make some of these happen soon.
  9. I actually think that thread we were doing before on which mma fighters have significant wrestling experience would be a neat link if it was summarized in an organized way. Linking them to their NCAA brackets would be really cool

    MMAweekly has rankings (I know you guys link D1 rankings) which I use. That might be easy to add

    Sherdog is famous for its fight finder - but that would be too much work

    Sherdog also has a link to upcoming shows. I think something like that done geographically could be kind of neat. I've missed out on local shows because I've found out about them too late (Sherdog mixes shows from all over the world together in a messy way)
  10. Thanks for the insight. I haven't spent a ton of time researching the MMA community, so any information helps when trying to make the community 'the best' rather than 'the biggest'.

  11. I'll think about it. I no longer post on big mma forums because they usually contain loads of young punks and people who are unreasonably enamored with the top guys of the moment.

    Of course with that many members, they end up posting every story and rumor which can be interesting.

    I usually just go to mmaweekly in the morning to see if anything major is brewing and watch all the events possible
  12. Hey, anything you or the other MMA regulars think you might want us to add? I'd like to make the site more accommodating to MMA fans, so anything you think other sites may have that we don't (or anything everyone is missing), let me know!

  13. Thanks Schlottke and I realized my problem. When I signed up, I got an error message and I never received a confirmation email. I think some of the features require a confirmation email first.
    Can you resend that so I can verify my account?

  14. all .gif images *should* work. The only exception would would if it is too large and animated (then the system would shrink the image stopping the animation.)
  15. Welcome to the forum!
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