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  1. I don't seen an option under avatar for anything but the flags - is it possible you first need a certain number of posts (or have to be here a certain amount of time)?

  2. You had the little box checked for the flag, thats why you couldn't change your avatar before, go dig that picture up again and put it in your Avatar and you should be good to go.

    I'm not sure on the GIFs but I don't think so, in terms of our partnership running this thing Schlottke is the more technical of the two of us so he may be better to direct some of these questions to.
  3. Hey - can I get my profile picture to be my avatar? Or do I have to wait to put up an Av?
    Finally, can GIFs be used as Avs?

  4. Hello clmetal,

    Welcome to!

    First you want to stop by and edit your Profile Picture and your Profile Information.

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    Then, go check out the wrestling & mixed martial arts forum and our selection of Wrestling Gear.

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