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    Champ, Just checking on you. Have not seen you post anything recently. Hope all is ok with you. Whippetgrappler
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    Get me the info and I'll make it for sure to the fight, HAHAHAHA on your daughter children are great! Got a call from Damian today he has been in the hospital for 3 weeks in Phoenix. Got infection REAL bad in his knee from a cadaver's ligament they put in he's getting better but he's been in hell for a while so if you got his # call him.
    Later HOMO
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    6hrs is amazing for a baby that young you lucky assmunch, Bronx slept for about 3 hr increments until he was 6months old. Check ya later dude
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    Are you zombiefied yet from devil baby who has been sent here to ruin your sleeping habits forever? I haven't talked to you for awhile and I'm not a facebooker (too many ex friends I am scared to hear from) so let me know how you're doing and send me info on this wrestling tourney I hear you pimping I will bring at least two kids.
    Hope all is well you fucking weirdo kiss the baby and for your wife, "put on some Al Green and smack her on the ass, she like that"
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    Hey peckerhead how's the baby coming? Doing any good with spring/summer wrestling? I've got about 4 kids working our regularly rest are pussies. When is your camp. I've got a camp June 16,17,18 Cheap local kids if you got anyone interested BTW 16th is B-day so say and extra prayer of thanks that day for sweet baby Jesus creating such a perfect specimen 32 years ago
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    I did camps with Stutz for Chertow. Annette was an interesting female
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    I got it working -thanks champ-russ
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    Had to get a different -not new-computer and lost all my ''Favorites'' -so now when I go to 2 sites appear -the top one sometimes let's me in but the bottom one never does -says I don't exist .but herbp pops up but when I try a password it kicks me off then when I try to reset password it says I am not on file -then if I try to reregister it says ''sorry that name is taken''-you have way too many Goldman fans on your site . 18 years of SHIT is long enough -you know our state has some quality wrestling . But no way was Jim Humphries allowing Reece to wrestle for Goldman .Same with Andrew . And letting Purdue steal Cashe and Eppert with Esco graduating was just stupid -and all his great recruits cut out already -Cook ,Ramos and Malone. This Kriss kid is a freak-HUGE. How can Fagiano bounce around colleges like this ? I really had trouble getting credits for the classes I took at IUPUI to transfer .
    Take care CK, I really do miss your knowledge and witticism .Russ
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    Congratulations on your wedding !!!!
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    Hopefully your kid will get him next time -RD got in touch with me and we have a trade set up but Zapp is waiting for a third voting ballot -guys from the other league keep voting just to mess with Zapp-wish I'd never joined this crap .
    I miss coaching -more than anything .
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    Yo CK-I am worried about |RD -Zapp is hard to deal with but RD has not put up a tournament line up-he could still easily win this thing .''Revenge is a dish , best served cold ''-any way you can get word to him ??
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    I thought Goldman was GAY-Hopefully your kid will do damage to Shit head's son . I BEG him for me to rip his frigging head off !!
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    Oh well-I knew I had to have scored higher than 24 .
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    CK-really -were my picks so bad that I didn't score ?i posted them on page one .
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    Its easy to win when YOU NEVER MOVE YOUR BACK ROW......
    That's awesome bout Waylon and I didn't know that
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    Did I do so bad in the pick ems that I didn't score ?
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    I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about college wrestling just because I refused to finish last .
    A lot of talent this year -why is Sandefer going to Indianapolis ? Thought he was big 10 material-glad to see runyan win it -Army brats have a hard time as they move around a lot -good kid -glad for shrewsberry too.
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    CK-I went to the State Friday night with some former wrestlers -was hoping you would be wearing a CHAMPKIND t-shirt so I could find you -Little Tshirt is something -Little ellis has done a great job with roncalli-For some reason he looks different than when I first met him in 7th grade -he was wrestling 83,5 freestyle.
    Help me choose my flex -please -Through trades I have arespectable line up-
    125 -Nickerson
    141 -Cleveland
    157 -Hall
    165 stewart
    174 -Henrich
    184 -Caputo
    197 -Halsey
    hwt -Wise
    I am flexing Brown from ODU now for conferences and wrestlng Brenner at 74 because he has makored everyone n his conference -I need to choose between Accordino,Barnes ,Brown ,Hamrah and Brenner -I had to give up my flex and another top wrestler for Metcalf -I was thinking Brown/Brenner .
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    Would you be so kind as to tell me how to delete the post I made where I inadvertently picked the NCAA instead of the big 10 ?VAisforlovers can't find time to fill out a lineup for fantasy but he can take shots at me .?? Thanks.
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    CK-just go to D1 wrestling and they have all the line ups for every team in the NCAA-or hit links and you can go to each schools site -i can give you the ranked wrestlers at each weight off the top of my head if you want -125 -Precin,esco,Falck,Sanders and Pataky 133 Ness ,Dennis ,Kennedy ,Hump,Strayer ,and gomez ,-this will take forever -let me know if you need any help .
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