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  1. The reason I keep harping about some IU kids on the board is they all seem to be Minnesota pricks. I hate Minnesota because any school who would hire Clem Haskins could very well be the home of the anti-christ.
  2. The LA is just for my name Champ Kind from the movie Anchorman, that is where the movie is set. Hobart has a good program and always have some good wrestlers. Cosgrove is tough as nails. I am not sure how he will do at Purdue, he could easily be 157 or 165 if he fills out. He will definitely be 149, but if he goes up higher could be in trouble when his length isn't much of an advantage.
  3. Your 'stuff'' under your name says L.A. that is y I asked -I mean it about Cosgrove and you know Hobart turns out some serious stuff. If you look under 1987 at 125 Terrance Randolph lived with me for awhile while his parents were splitting up , he wrestled for me at Fulton .
  4. I'm from Indiana.
  5. what do you do ?fly in for ISHAA finals?No matter what this board says Cosgrove from Hobart is one of the top three 145 lbers out there . IU got Ramos , Purdue got Cosgrove . Cosgrove is so funky he could place in big tens next year .
    I think Angel should move up too and give Ortega a chance.
  6. I'm also sure...or not so sure you know of the Indiana high school messageboard. If not the address is .
  7. I got the article, great one. It would have been neat to see all three of them at one school. I really was surprised Angel went to IU and think he could have done even better somewhere else.

    Andrae won't be holding 133 for much longer and needs to be at 141, I remember at state his senior year he was HUGE and looks tiny now.
  8. CK=did you see my post at the high school level -it is an old article titled AAA. Tshirt would have looked good with Angel and Andre at IU.
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