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  1. just wanted to say hi and hope you are well..
  2. Ir you don't hear from me after a week I'm either dead or kicked off the forum -either way' s ok with me . Stand up for the Cream and Crimson for me .
  3. Thats nice of him.
  4. I have saved all the red dots I received , if I knew how I would send the post to you -his post about Adam and Eve and suffering I believe to be a reference to moi-but I hurt to much to care what that turd thinks -what kind of preacher tells a man to suck his d***? Not a very good one ..
  5. Look under ''Photo gives face to....''
  6. He red dotted me on that Anne Frank thing when everyone was calling me an anti-semite for saying something that I had read -he called me an idiot then told me to suck his d*** . The second part of the DIARY was written in ball point pen which wasn't created til the 50's
  7. What topic did he say that in?
  8. That is the guy who told me to suck his D*** -I even pointed it out to Jensen but that dweeb did nothing.
  9. No I do not know anything about him. I remember hearing Mo Gunn a heavyweight from Lawrence North was going to go to U of Indy, but that is it.
  10. yo CK -do you know anything about what is going on with Walpole ? the team roster doesn't even list him anymore . I checked the MSU open and he got 2nmd place there with Kinser 5th -also Youing wrestled Howe in consi's and lost 4-3 .
    Walpole is the only person I ever saw outwrestle Howe -Howe won 4-3 in O.T. but it was on a BS call.
  11. Thats a good pick up for them. With DeGain in the room he should get better.
  12. Did you see where they signed that MONSTER from VA.? finally have a true HWT -this kid will struggle to make 286 -article I read says he benches 300+ and squats 800-check him out -only been wrestling 3 years but Beast of the East champ , Powerade champ 3rd in Walsh. MONSTER
  13. I watched a video of Becker losing in the semi's and he loked like a skeleton-Goldman himself looks anorexic to me and Mena looks small too -EVERYONE I met at IU meets last year commented on how much weight these kids were cutting-but since he won his 200th career victory this year he'll be there forever .
    I haven't watched an IU basketball game since they screwed Knight and I haven't watched a football game since they fired Mallory . Now , i love watching some of the kids whose wrestling carers i have followed but I am truly ready to say F IU wrestling too . That video you posted about Sanders is the way Angel used to wrestle and I just read where the N.C. coach wants to reign in Caldwell when I wrestled walk on it was 333 and If I didn't stick a kid in the first or early second it was over for me -I had to carry a 3.2 or they pulled my academic ride . I didn't have time to train for a nine minute match -sorry for the rant but it seems like all coaches are trying to reign in their kids -Ness scored more points for Iowa than Angel scored for IU at the NCAA's. Maybe the sports time is over cause I fell asleep at a match last year .

    I say every match should be like Caldwell /Lang .
  14. hey CK -i agree 100%-I think the kid's name was Kissell -my kid was Jason Allbaugh
  15. That and Everhart got stuck with :13 seconds left . IU lost to Nebraska and cornell 22-18 and 22-19 thenlost 3 big 10 matches that could have gone either way . The N or C match Andre missed weight.
  16. Oh yes, when I heard of that upset I about died. I think that was Schmaltz's first Big 10 win of his career.
  17. When Andre lost to Smaltz and cost us the win against Purdue I was thinking about shooting him . he had either majored or tech'ed him every time they wrestled save that match.
  18. I think the plan is to have Angel at 125, Ortega at 133 and Andrae at 141 next year. Angel holds the weight pretty well and doesn't seem as affected by it as Andrae is. Andrae looks horrible sometimes and other times is a super stud.
  19. CK-did you see the national semi's where Ortega beat that Illinois kid 10-8 . The refs sucked but regardless Ortega got it done that kid he beat is at Oklahoma and is 5'10'' and 133 pounds . The kid he beat in the finals is wrestling varsity in Ca. and won 19-20 matches with some pretty impressive wins . I say move Angel and Andre up and let Ortega have his day .-But then again , what kind of retard goes to a school with a freshman AA ? I think he can take Sanders -jeez I said that and didn't get smitten with lightening .
  20. Haha its very Minnysota heavy here, but its getting better. I'm a fan of the IU wrestlers, but not the coaches. I really don't have a team I support in college just like good wrestling.
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