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  1. man lkes to travel-i was hoping to get that Hwt from Nebraska Kearn-oh well -can I still pick up Heinrich Baines from Oregon state ?
  2. Chiswell is at Boise State, he transferred again.

    And yes, they must be DI
  3. Chiswell wrestles for ASU.
  4. CK-do our picks have to be Div 1 ?
  5. Its not a draft, its a pool of free agents. You get 10 transactions(add and drop = 1 transaction) for the season, so use them wisely.

    The player you pick up won't be active until the next week, if you do it during the season.
  6. What time does the draft start tomorrow ?
  7. Hang in there, you're a wrestler and wrestlers NEVER give up.
  8. CK-the surgeon wants to go ahead and totally replace my shoulder since the graft cracked -the only problem is Medicaid won't pay for it for 3 1/2 years . I love a very stoic life -no friends , little family -If I am not on the board for awile I've thrown in the towel-I want to live so badly yet i can't take the pain anymore .
    Whatever happens I really want to thank you for the comradarie we have shared these last years ? Shows how pathetic i am to have never met the only person I care enough about to say good bye to-C'est la vie and canard de L'orange .
  9. on my last pick please give be Paul young from IU-165 instead of nick Cook.
  10. IU finally posted their roster .-kinser is at 149/57-looks like Malone or Powless is going to be the 197 lber-they also have 3 kids from Ramos'' school-a 141 and 2 149 's . Their line up is actually pretty impressive .125,141, 149, 157 165 , 174 , 197, and hwt could al go to the show. If Kinser makes 149 he could AA this year . young is going to surprise so many peoe this year -he will win 30 matches . Perry went 7-1 his feshman year and 0-4 his sophomore year who knopws what will happen this year ?
    I think they can place in the top 4 this year .
  11. i decided that there wasn't a 149 lber out there so I went with Mangrum -can't wait til he back flips over Metcalfs prone ass !!!!
  12. I picked Tyler graff -you running the show today -oh, by the way the Cubs lost .
  13. You're up to pick
  14. You should have picked him instead of Coughlin first round! Coughlin would have been available a lot later.

    Also time for your 3rd round pick.
  15. Bilbo bagginssss we hates it forever yesssss-take my ANGEL y-i have so little -
  16. that is why I was so shocked -would say more but the CUBS broke my heart for 30 years -
  17. It surprises me he can't make 149 because there was talk of him going 141 for a couple years.
  18. Just talked to Cadet 130 on the indiana forum and he says Kinser will have to wrestle off Young at 165 -IU will have a NQ riding the pines -
  19. CK-you sen the ticket prices for Lucas stadium -i can't afford to park there much less watch a game . Just checking to see if you were OK.
  20. I can't stand it ! I keep having to defend myself on this site from dildos and now you tell me this . In the words of Charlie Brown -''my stomach hurts .''
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