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  1. I'm not sure who will show up at MSU, sometimes their studs go, but it wouldn't surprise me if Angel stays home.

    Everhart might do well, but its more or less because heavyweight is so weak. It will be interesting how the new qualifier system will work out.
  2. At the MSU -who you like at 141 and 157? Hernandez and coughlin ? I cannot cheer against angel so if he and Precin are in the finals -F Precin-I really think everhart might make some noise this year -he weighs about 240.If kuhn makes 197he'll beat malone -realy , 157 is just ridiculous . By the way -who keeps track of the score ?
  3. Thanks -I am glad i held on to him then -Fag won't do anything anyway and the 13 lber I picked up has a good pedigree -plusout west he canprobably score alot more points than any other 13 i could find -at the best of the west he lost to fish 2-0 and smeone else by a coupla points -Hochstater i beleve -he placed 3rd at the FILA junior nationals -Mangrum is going 141 instead of 49 cause that Barnes kid is there -was thinking of picking up Mario Mason but he wrestles for Minnesota -what's going to happen when al these kids aren't in the weight classes they're listed in -like your 157 lber -hes at 65 .?
  4. They can pull a redshirt any time. They did it with Coleman Scott in January of his freshman year.
  5. I kept Graff cause someone said they may revoke his redshirt status -otherwise I'll lose him later -do you know if they redshirt him can they change their minds later ? If not, he's useless as tits on a boar .
  6. I know who he is, I was being sarcastic. He'll be at 189. Otto on there is his mother, I think she's as good of a source as anyone and she posted he's going 189.
  7. Howe seemed almost cocky on that Flowrestling blurb-the kid is as good as I've seen that's why he and Wright and stewart are my 165'ers Young looked great -but I needed a 49 lber -Ortega damn near lost to one of those glen hubbard kids -I don't see him winning a match in the big 10-maybe Purdue-saw on the board you didn't know who Shrewsbury was -I'd mentioned him on here a coupla times -the kid's an animalbut 'they' say he can't make 189 again -all state football and state runner -up at 189 last year , I think .
  8. I don't think any of the matches were for true starters, just some matches to get some time on the mat in front of a crowd. We'll see where everyone is in a couple weeks at Michigan State. I might go watch, it was fun watching Howe wrestle Gillespie last year.
  9. Kinser beat coughlin 2-0 OT-Everhart weighs 225 and looks great -Ryan Konz beat Ramos 4-2-Malone beat chandler 12-0 I think; Powless won 4-2 Young beat samuels 13-1-Cook lost 8-0 to Justin Kuhn
  10. I remember working with scott McGowan -they said he was dyslexic but he was just really stupid -but he ran a 4.4 40 so they got him into IU-of course he was worthless because like most of the Haughville kids he just couldn't adapt to life outside the hood .
  11. 1150 was pretty good. Woods was special ed. and there aren't many college that have programs for special ed people. They tried getting him into Findlay because they have a program, but couldn't get him in. My friend works in admissions and they tried pulling every string possible.
  12. then how the hell did I get in ? My SAT's were 1150-but that was 30 years ago -only 2 categories Verbal and math how can any of these guys i hear being interviewed get in ? Sound like a bunch of short bus kids .Woods just beat Malone to death-then that Ill. crowd got real quiet real quick.
  13. Woods didn't have the grades to get into college.
  14. Ishwa site put up the wrestle-offs for IU and you could not pay me to drive down there -133 Ortega vs. one of those Glen hubbard kids 141 Kelly vs Glen hubbard kid 149 149 TBA-157 Coughlin /Kinser --197 Chandler Coffey vs.George Malone hwt Justin Kuhn vs. nick Cook-if kinser does have to move up then nick Walpole will be their 149 ber -unles he loses to Ramos -if that happens he should just shoot himself -People wonder why there is so little interest in IU wrestling -I would pay to watch Roncali vs. Cathedral before I watched these clowns-Justin Woods manhandled Malone then took that kid from Ill. apart and he can't get a partial anywhere and Chandler coffey ? gets a ride -even if it is a partial that just sucks .I hope goldman rapes a wrestler just to get rid of his useless ass .
  15. I just needed a legit 149 lber -baxter put up some good numbers and actually scored 11 points on Metcalf-he lost a coupla tight matches but won 30+matches and young is a friend but damn -already took Coughlin for that reason . IU 's schedule is so weak this ear they could win 16-18 duals .
  16. You have 8 transactions left for the WHOLE season, so use them wisely.
  17. No-I'm keeping Mangrum and dropping Young from IU and picking up Baxter.
  18. I am going to drop Mangrum and pick up Baxter from ODU .
  19. never mind -i'll stay with Andre and hope Mangrum can do some damage at 149 -can't believe the Edinboro kid just quit like that .
  20. Who are you dropping?
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