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  1. Yep!
  2. to Quads count in scoring as they are basically just 4 duals ?
  3. What did you think about Perry -IU-beating Be bennet ? I , personally ,was shocked cause in my book Perry is a nutcase . I need to figure out what to do at 174 -Lucas is ranked higher but with Brennar coming down from 84 he seems to be the better choice .Tried working a trade and Gold offered me Johnstone -Johnstone sucks -whty would I give up a #5 seed 174 for a 15th seed 157 ? Honeycutt is hurt so I'll probably have to fft 184 unless I can find a decent one -thought about Bresslar from Oregon state but Zalesky pissed me off-might go with Chance Litton -the usual 174 WVa going up to 84 -I'm going to wait and see cause after the shit start I had the team isn't thaT BAD .3-4 REDSHIRTS , 1 QUIT and Brennar is cutting down -none of them are going to beat Pucillo or Herbert but at least they could score me some points -Lucas and stewart got me about 30 last week.
  4. When do you think the last time -if ever -Welch had been stuck ?
  5. He probably learned his lesson when he didn't redshirt Tsirtsis.
  6. Why do they keep redshirting my sleeper freshman -Mangrum is GREAT-Zalesky refuses to wrestle freshman -he went 0-15 at 133 last year rather than wrestle Kubec-who won a bunch of matches as a redshirt .
  7. Herman was a great find for Goldman. He got kicked out of high school his senior year and started at IPFW. Then he almost beat Jake O'Brian at freestyle state. He walked on to IU and did pretty well. He's a beast. He got kicked out of IU for beating up on some frat boys and then started fighting. He's a nice kid, I talked to him at MSU. He was definitely a diamond in the rough find for IU, as a couple of his friends tried walking on to IU's team, but didn't make it.
  8. I checked out that Herman kid and seems he made it to the show a few years ago then got off into MMA-don't know anything else , why would Goldman spend so much time with him ? On the Trackwrestling site they say Everhart weighed in at 237.5-alot of weight to put on in 8 months . Cookie weighed 284.8, that damn .2 is killing him-probably has his plastics out running and taking pisspills , the works .
  9. Well its a risk keeping him because he's not yet the true starter. Even if he's the starter he will most likely split time with Coughlin. That leads you to putting someone in the line-up that isn't surely starting or wrestling.
  10. Talk about no respect -the kid goes out and wins the MSU open and sticks uperstar freshman along the way and what does he get -CUT from his fantasy team-no trade talks just put on waivers -I hope Kurt doesn't visit this site -that would depress the hell out of me . Kinda like when Aaron Boone homered to win the world series then gets traded to ????????
  11. I'm going to pick him up if someone with a higher priority doesn't snake him.
  12. you just going to let Kinser sit there ? I'm about to stroke out -y didn't he trade with me ?
  13. I think you just go points for his matches as they would be in a dual, 3 for dec, 4 for a major, 5 for a tech(with backs) and 6 for a pin. I don't think this tournament had a bonus for placing, but I'm not sure.
  14. As this is my first time with a fantasy league I was wondering if you could explain the scoring a bit clearer -as yesterday -how many points did I receive for Precin ? I know he had a fall , a major , a decision and a 2nd place -would I score that the same as a regular high school tournament ?
  15. Dave Herman, he is wrestling unattached. Goldman was more into his matches than any of his wrestlers he's getting PAID to coach.

    No thanks for Kilgore
  16. Who is Herman ? he's not even on the roster -and before you mark up my last waiver transaction I'll trade you Alton Lucas for Kilgore .
  17. Heavyweight is pretty weak and it was pretty lame at MSU too. Herman would have probably won it if he didn't get bored and leave.
  18. I thought Walpole had used his redshirt but I was wrong as usual-seems like he has been there forever though , doesn't it ? Everhart's second place may be portentious as he was 5-10 last season-perhaps all his injuries are behind him . Those GH kids seem to be adjusting well-saw Ramos took 3rd-Kinser is just unbelievable -he'll get that pin record this year.
  19. I would have to rule that a no. I'm trying to run this like any fantasy football league and thats how it would work there. I'm not even sure Cocozzo is even wrestling as he was unattached yesterday. He might be redshirting from the way it looks.
  20. I asked Zapp the same question-when Cocuzzo announced he was quitting for personal reasons on the Edinboro website it forced me to drop him and use a much needed waiver -it is of my opinion that I should be able to pick him back up w/out penalty and get my waiver back .If he were injured or the quiting was a rumor I would calmly accept it but this sucks -had I wrestled him this week how many points would I have received ? No one else picked him up since he was not wrestling so I feel I should get him back and a waiver .
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