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  1. CK-just go to D1 wrestling and they have all the line ups for every team in the NCAA-or hit links and you can go to each schools site -i can give you the ranked wrestlers at each weight off the top of my head if you want -125 -Precin,esco,Falck,Sanders and Pataky 133 Ness ,Dennis ,Kennedy ,Hump,Strayer ,and gomez ,-this will take forever -let me know if you need any help .
  2. How about Adam Hall for Lewnes ? He is a lot better than Vernon and should win the Pac-10 easily .
  3. I'm trying to stay out of last place and save some pride.
  4. Trade me the Cornell 65 -Lewnes I'll give you stewart and a heartfelt thanks . I am trying tio make the final 6 and I'm almost there .
  5. you want to trade me ptax for Brown from CMU ? Brown is ranked 8th and will win the MAC .
  6. As I am the resident trade expert I am somehow supposed to get Kilgore off you for Zapp-he doesn't realize I've been trading down to get more matches -I traded Kinser for Bonnilla Bowman just for the CAA duals and traded Someone -I forget -for Accordino and he got me 14 points at the CAA 's .-he -Zapp-says Patterson isn;t good enough-he's the second leading point getter in fantasy . I'll tell him you said no .
  7. I knew I was screwed when 1/2 my line up disappeared the first 2 weeks -and that one kis quit before the season started . Then when i didn't get like 24 points from med def 's in one tourney -I knew I was a loser -but people are getting pissed because I've traded , scrapped and clawed my way back into contention-since my knee blew out I'm pretty much a shut in so I know more about this stuff than I care to,My luck started to change once I rid myself of the dread IU lpser syndrome -God, I wish Goldman would die .Never wrestled Kinser all that time and when he did Kurt pinned Harrison and someone else .I want my Med def.points and ft points -I'd be in the top 6 -everyone said it would balance out - BS-Orozco got 3rd in the Reno tournament and I only got 6 points -2 injury def .s and 2 walk overs =24 points in one tournament with one wrestler.
  8. I'm glad I'm not running it because I have about 1 million other things going on with my life! I'm not too interested in the league as it got boring pretty fast.
  9. Apparently -=according to the commish -posting line ups is an optional thing -I wish you were running this -do you remember that crap that went on about SGallan not posting -well Mateater didn't post for two weeks yet Zapp counted his points . I quoted Rule #8-ALL lineups must be posted by Sunday for those wrestlers to score . He said it was his league and he'll run it the way he pleases .
  10. Thanks for the compliments, I can't believe its only been around for a month. Everyone loves the site.
  11. If you need any old stories -I'm talking about back in the day when Southport high school would cram 10,000 people in a gym for 6,000-let me know -you're doing a great job over there , this site already blows the old one away -Danville has a kid at 145 who is a pleasant young man and has a lot of potential-kinda poor kid -has to work weekends -but not being coached well enough -I've talked with him several times and watched him wrestle twice-he's dominated the guys i watched him wrestle but he gets no comp out here .
    The other day on your site someone mentioned Benji Reichel and his 2 championships -he won the second one 2-1 but had beaten the kis 17-1 the week before at semi-state but was warned in first period and almost lost the state because some ref wouldn't let him wrestle -he had a mean way of turning guys and the ref kept potentially dangerousing Ben -almost awarded the match to the other kid and Ben had dominated all year .
  12. I'm doing good, just busy with the Indiana site. Damn its taking up lots of time. Its getting better though, things are going pretty smoothly, but I keep feeling the need to be on there a lot to make sure everythign is working.
  13. Ecclesiastes said 'I have met one good man in a thousand , never have I met a good woman ''-that's the Bible so don't jump down my throat -I'm trying to get around to the point you are as hard to find as a good woman -you doing OK ?
  14. I watched the Notre Dame College match against Purdue on Flo and Pelton -that IU kid -the one Goldman ran off -stuck Redmond -Redmond was in deep on a shot and Pelton countered with an ankle pick and stuck him . It was pretty -also at 197 some giant stuck Brown .
  15. Angel went to the FITE duals even though the IU site said he wasn't -he won his first match 9-1 then the other results are being held up due to a protest between EMU and Harper college -Hernandez beat the #1 div 3 kid 4-0 but that's all I know so far . When did Roncalli become a county school ? They used to be a city school back in the day -used to be people feared coming into Marion County to wrestle -now they come to pick up easy points -Decatur Central/Warren Central/Ben Davis and Southport used to be THE teams -now you couldn't get a decent team from those 4 combined .
  16. How weak is west coast wrestling ? Orozco barely got by a kid that Powless nearly majored -I don't know if Zapp is going to count Med For points or not -he didn't miracle himself into 3rd place -he won 3 and had 2 med for s but everyone was leaving Reno -1/2 of Oregon States team cut out after their first loss .
    I was just wondering how the season was going and I know your busy on the new board -which you've done a great job on , by the way ,keep in touch .
  17. Gold listed it below -We went through Zapp as the guidelines said for us to do-all were posted and approved by the commish prior to posting . I now have at 149 -Ruschell-Wisconsin-174 Trotman -App state -197 Orozco Cal-state Bakersfield -the rest looks ok-I have subsequently traded Hoehn for Trotman -that is how I came by Trotman -I have followed all the rules and regulations -I know you have been busy with wrestling season starting and you're reffing and starting the new board but all this has gone through Zapp and I look today on the board and have people questioning my integrity-this I really do not care for .
  18. yea you did but someone went back and erased that thread about DCocowhatever -it's ok though -I never thought Brtennar would be such a pussy at 174 -when Perry stuck him I damn near went through my computer screen -I kept saying to myself that he won't fall for Perry's headlock and I swear to god 5 seconds later the fag was counting lights . He and Jarequi -I was hoping the plane crashed on the way home from CK.
    This fantasy stuff isn't real wrestling in my book -some tourneys count , some don't -yet they're all scored as dual meets ? BS-
  19. I never said that! Geeze you are shady like all those MD people!
  20. CK-you remember when you said I'd get a free pick for Daryl Calacuzzo quitting -I used my last waiver the other day on Orozco-I was wondering if that offer still stood or if you'd let me drop Jarequi and pick up a back up 74 lber ?
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