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  1. I also traded him Kyle Ruschell for Doug Umbehauer.
  2. I traded Marcus Hoehn to rpayton for Brent Chriswell.
  3. My roster should look like this:

    Gold 125 Nikko Triggas Ohio State
    Gold 133 Reece Humphrey Ohio State
    Gold 141 J Jaggers Ohio State University
    Gold 141 Keith Sulzer Northwestern
    Gold 149 Brent Metcalf Iowa
    Gold 157 Jason Johnstone Ohio State
    Gold 165 Colt Sponseller THE Ohio State University
    Gold 174 Mike Miller Central Michigan
    Gold 184 Chris Honeycutt Edinboro
    Gold 184 Doug Umbehauer Rider
    Gold 184 Zach Giesen Stanford
    Gold 197 Cayle Byers George Mason
    Gold 197 Brent Chriswell Boise State
    Gold 285 Jermail Porter Kent State
    Gold 285 Corey Morrison Ohio State
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