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  1. Haha, I won't comment on the life coach thing. Al was a pretty good wrestler for Findlay, placed 3rd and 2nd in some solid weight classes. He's not a household name by any means and he's been done wrestling for 10 years, so I wouldn't expect many to remember the name.
  2. I never said he was a bad coach ... I just have no idea who the hell he is.

    BTW, I hear he's Ortiz's life coach ...
  3. Haha, I had to smite both you and Homer for it though! My biggest beef with the whole thing is how everyone is quick to say he is a horrible coach because he wrestled NAIA and wasn't a DI champ. I hate how wrestling is that way, I can guarantee you I'm a 1000X better coach than I ever was as a wrestler.
  4. Dissing a Findlay grad? Naw, I just don't know who the hell he is, so how could that be dissing someone...
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