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  1. Champ, Could you up date the rouster I waived Little and hes still there.
  2. Hey Champ!
    I would like to waive E Medina and draft Trevor chin @ 149
  3. Feel free to post that on the thread with the official line-ups.
  4. Champ Here is my line ups for 11/1 to 11/7
    Accboy's Hard Brick breakers lineup
    125- E Morrill - Findlay,Army UMD
    149- E Medina-Findlay,Army,Edinboro
    197- H Taylor " " "
  5. I would like to waive Chris honeycutt and pickup Frankie Molinaro.
  6. OK, that will be plenty until tomorrow.
  7. If you won't be around, you can give me and/or Zapp a list of picks in order and we will plug them in for you. I would say about 20 people would be suitable.
  8. Thats good, I'll put you down
  9. Then how about chris Brown For R8
  10. Cannon is taken already also

    There is the list of drafted people
  11. R8 Mike cannon 165 American
  12. Also feel free to post on the thread and Zapp has the wrong cell phone number for ya!
  13. Nicholson has already been picked.
  14. R5 James nicholson-125
    R6 Jon Bonilla-bowman-157
    R7 Justin Dobies hwt
    R8 vince jones 184
  15. You now have 4 picks
  16. You have two picks to use!
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