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    how do I do that but ill take the first spot if its available
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    Haha. No, SI wasn't giving is much love, and neither was the NYT.
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    I never said he was a bad coach ... I just have no idea who the hell he is.

    BTW, I hear he's Ortiz's life coach ...
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    Dissing a Findlay grad? Naw, I just don't know who the hell he is, so how could that be dissing someone...
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    I can't stand it ! I keep having to defend myself on this site from dildos and now you tell me this . In the words of Charlie Brown -''my stomach hurts .''
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    Is there still a spot left? I can't access that site from work, so I was hoping to do it when I get home this evening.
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    I just checked out Div I site and they have Everhart ranked 16th in the nation at HWT.young 17th at 157 and Coughlin 18 at 165 -they must have higher opininions of them than I do -I really hope Young does well -I've met him and he's a nice polite young man -if Everhart doesreturn IU won't give up an automatic 6 at hwt . And for being an undersized -way undersized -he did a great job -occasionally.
    Personally I just think Goldman does not like big old cornfed heaveys-he has a humongous black wall in Cook -look at that monster -6'3' 300 and won Powerade and either won or seconded Beast of East with only 3 years experience .I checked and he is not on IU's football roster although he was offered a few rides for football-all I am sure of is they will be worse come March than better.
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    Coughlin has the potential to be great -but not at IU -Angel would have been a 4 x champ at IOWA or anywhere -Goldman is a twit -but I looked it up the other day and he's only making $65,000.00 bottom level for big 10.
    Looks like they are going to throw Cook to the wolves and start him at HWT. -his credentials are solid but not ready for big 10-
    Andre and Matt were so disappointing last year it was pathetic -Powless beating Hinton last year as a big deal to me because all the hype about Hinton being the best big man to come out of Indiana in years -then he went to Michigan.
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    I meant Powless at 184 -not Minton -yeah Cook is 2 years away but I was hoping that overweight 197 lber could man the spot a little better than last year -he did beat the kid from Minnesota -which I posted about 50000 times -you think Fag should go up ?
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    just checked the Div i site and they have Andre listed at 141 with Ortega at 133 -first year in ever there isnt one or two gaping holes in the lineup -184 will be iffy but that Minton kid is a stud -or was when i last saw him in high school -he beat Ian Hinton twice last year .
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    Well Damn -How'd he do ?
    7th ? What -I've checked this site 3 x's so far wondering when you'd let me know -If he got his ass kicked beyond recognition great -if he placed 7th -better -The lad is a in a win/win situation !! Please keep me informed .
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    you know how much I envy you right now ?
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    YEAH Riiggghhttt
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    there is one thing you seldom see in the same sentence -Good news -and making it to FARGO-I dare not think of how you entertained yourself through the WASTELANDS
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    Yo CK-I feel like I am fighting my own personal VietNam here -I have won every battle but losing the war -I saw the ''THING'' from SS the other day and she said -once again-she did not care whether I was locked up illegally or not I was locked up and not entitled to my benefits those months -once again I pulled out my now shredded letter from Judge Young who stated that I had ''fallen through the cracks and should not be penalized '' my 97 days between the cracks cost me my home -my right arm and 4 years of pain . Now I have to pay for the pleasure by receiving a $47 a month decrease in benefits -roughly 12% of my income for 3 years . I was so proud of myself for not strangling that useless scum that I bought myself an electric toothbrush to celebrate my ability to suffer fools gladly . I have dreaded seeing this person because i have actually dreamt of killing her -3 years ago she asked me if I were retarded and I reacted by throwing her desk about 10 feet -3 years ago she had the gall to ask me if I had forged the Judge's signature -I probably looked retarded because I was stupified by this women who works for an agency set up supposedly to help-anyway I am not in jail-she is still breathing but I'm not sure God's in Heaven and all is right in the world . Thanks for listening or reading this -I really needed someone to ''talk'' to about this and since my incident 4 years ago my former colleagues treat me as a pariah .Peace.
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    CK-I may be forced to take an hiatus as I might be homeless soon -social security and i struggled over x amount of dollars and the ''home'' office conceded and said I owe them no monies for when I was falsely incarcerated -however the local office is saying thet disagree and I owe them 1668.00 dollars -so they might not send me any checks for 3 months -I barely make ends meet now -no TV -etc. just me and my computer -now facing homelessness sucks -this just happened this morning and i'm pretty shook up=-one thing goes right 2 fall apart . Good luck.
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    just wanted to say hi and hope you are well..
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    yes, and I wouldn't expect any less!
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    it's too expensive to call Ireland anyway.
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    Too bad I don't have a pic of the HIDM I met in Nashville...
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