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    Did you wrestle your sectional tourney this weekend? How'd it go? Where is my Garrett Railroader league championship t shirt?
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    You should only help out former teammates in fantasy league so be strong little engine and CONGRATS on the league championship it's something my team will never get due to the fact the the fuckheads from St. Paris are in our conference
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    How about Adam Hall for Lewnes ? He is a lot better than Vernon and should win the Pac-10 easily .
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    Trade me the Cornell 65 -Lewnes I'll give you stewart and a heartfelt thanks . I am trying tio make the final 6 and I'm almost there .
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    you want to trade me ptax for Brown from CMU ? Brown is ranked 8th and will win the MAC .
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    As I am the resident trade expert I am somehow supposed to get Kilgore off you for Zapp-he doesn't realize I've been trading down to get more matches -I traded Kinser for Bonnilla Bowman just for the CAA duals and traded Someone -I forget -for Accordino and he got me 14 points at the CAA 's .-he -Zapp-says Patterson isn;t good enough-he's the second leading point getter in fantasy . I'll tell him you said no .
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    I knew I was screwed when 1/2 my line up disappeared the first 2 weeks -and that one kis quit before the season started . Then when i didn't get like 24 points from med def 's in one tourney -I knew I was a loser -but people are getting pissed because I've traded , scrapped and clawed my way back into contention-since my knee blew out I'm pretty much a shut in so I know more about this stuff than I care to,My luck started to change once I rid myself of the dread IU lpser syndrome -God, I wish Goldman would die .Never wrestled Kinser all that time and when he did Kurt pinned Harrison and someone else .I want my Med def.points and ft points -I'd be in the top 6 -everyone said it would balance out - BS-Orozco got 3rd in the Reno tournament and I only got 6 points -2 injury def .s and 2 walk overs =24 points in one tournament with one wrestler.
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    Apparently -=according to the commish -posting line ups is an optional thing -I wish you were running this -do you remember that crap that went on about SGallan not posting -well Mateater didn't post for two weeks yet Zapp counted his points . I quoted Rule #8-ALL lineups must be posted by Sunday for those wrestlers to score . He said it was his league and he'll run it the way he pleases .
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    Joe loves everything weiner
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    I wondered how long it would take you to say something about the pincaprino name, I felt I was rather clever. Anyways that sight is great I just don't have the knowledge of IU high schoolers, kid with a funny name from indy area must be a stud carlu? Anyways I hope your making some money on it and I'll support it anyway I can just let me know.......
    Peckerhead (had to just was getting too soft)
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    Champ, Could you up date the rouster I waived Little and hes still there.
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    If you need any old stories -I'm talking about back in the day when Southport high school would cram 10,000 people in a gym for 6,000-let me know -you're doing a great job over there , this site already blows the old one away -Danville has a kid at 145 who is a pleasant young man and has a lot of potential-kinda poor kid -has to work weekends -but not being coached well enough -I've talked with him several times and watched him wrestle twice-he's dominated the guys i watched him wrestle but he gets no comp out here .
    The other day on your site someone mentioned Benji Reichel and his 2 championships -he won the second one 2-1 but had beaten the kis 17-1 the week before at semi-state but was warned in first period and almost lost the state because some ref wouldn't let him wrestle -he had a mean way of turning guys and the ref kept potentially dangerousing Ben -almost awarded the match to the other kid and Ben had dominated all year .
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    Ecclesiastes said 'I have met one good man in a thousand , never have I met a good woman ''-that's the Bible so don't jump down my throat -I'm trying to get around to the point you are as hard to find as a good woman -you doing OK ?
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    I watched the Notre Dame College match against Purdue on Flo and Pelton -that IU kid -the one Goldman ran off -stuck Redmond -Redmond was in deep on a shot and Pelton countered with an ankle pick and stuck him . It was pretty -also at 197 some giant stuck Brown .
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    Angel went to the FITE duals even though the IU site said he wasn't -he won his first match 9-1 then the other results are being held up due to a protest between EMU and Harper college -Hernandez beat the #1 div 3 kid 4-0 but that's all I know so far . When did Roncalli become a county school ? They used to be a city school back in the day -used to be people feared coming into Marion County to wrestle -now they come to pick up easy points -Decatur Central/Warren Central/Ben Davis and Southport used to be THE teams -now you couldn't get a decent team from those 4 combined .
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    How weak is west coast wrestling ? Orozco barely got by a kid that Powless nearly majored -I don't know if Zapp is going to count Med For points or not -he didn't miracle himself into 3rd place -he won 3 and had 2 med for s but everyone was leaving Reno -1/2 of Oregon States team cut out after their first loss .
    I was just wondering how the season was going and I know your busy on the new board -which you've done a great job on , by the way ,keep in touch .
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    Gold listed it below -We went through Zapp as the guidelines said for us to do-all were posted and approved by the commish prior to posting . I now have at 149 -Ruschell-Wisconsin-174 Trotman -App state -197 Orozco Cal-state Bakersfield -the rest looks ok-I have subsequently traded Hoehn for Trotman -that is how I came by Trotman -I have followed all the rules and regulations -I know you have been busy with wrestling season starting and you're reffing and starting the new board but all this has gone through Zapp and I look today on the board and have people questioning my integrity-this I really do not care for .
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    I also traded him Kyle Ruschell for Doug Umbehauer.
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    I traded Marcus Hoehn to rpayton for Brent Chriswell.
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    My roster should look like this:

    Gold 125 Nikko Triggas Ohio State
    Gold 133 Reece Humphrey Ohio State
    Gold 141 J Jaggers Ohio State University
    Gold 141 Keith Sulzer Northwestern
    Gold 149 Brent Metcalf Iowa
    Gold 157 Jason Johnstone Ohio State
    Gold 165 Colt Sponseller THE Ohio State University
    Gold 174 Mike Miller Central Michigan
    Gold 184 Chris Honeycutt Edinboro
    Gold 184 Doug Umbehauer Rider
    Gold 184 Zach Giesen Stanford
    Gold 197 Cayle Byers George Mason
    Gold 197 Brent Chriswell Boise State
    Gold 285 Jermail Porter Kent State
    Gold 285 Corey Morrison Ohio State
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