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  1. sounds like everything is going good for you. so how do you like it in bakersfield?
  2. i went to the camp and got to work out with all the guys on the team. i actually hung out with donovan the most. he's hurt right now and will be out until he has his knee surgery. but hes doing good. says he wants to bump up to 41s this next season. the guys on the team are pretty cool. cant wait to move out there. i move in like 3 weeks!
    hope all is well,
  3. Oh for sure. Muchos gracias for the gift! haha
  4. i dont think its allowed. i know you can go to like the fullerton open or like the san fransisco open and stuff like that but i doubt you could go to nationals.
  5. wow thats weird. I thought they would. do you know if its possible to go to a cc national tournament unattatched or something? And do you know anything about Fresno City College? I talked to Keysaw today about it.
  6. well theres ncaa div 1,2,3, naia and cc. for some reason the california cc system doesnt go to the cc nationals. i have no idea why? and im pretty sure moorpark is in the same wrestling system as cerritos. moorpark has a better 4-year transfer rate though.
  7. yeah its garriot. hes way cool. oh wow, why dont they go to nationals? Do you know anything about moorpark college?
  8. garriot? hes a good dude. and there tough for the cc syatem. only problem is they dont go to nationals. if you went to an out of state cc you could wrestle and have a national tournament. but good thing is if you do 2 years at cerritos and represent good then you'll get picked up by bigger schools. but you have to show your worth.
  9. I'm already done. I'm going to a local camp right now an the cerritos coach said he was interested and asked for my number yesterday.
  10. you should. you still got another year or are you done?
  11. oh alrighty. Yeah i went to the camp last year and i was thinking about going again.
  12. he wasnt on the 1st team but he mightve wrestled matches. im not sure. im going out there end of this month so ill ask him. they got a camp. you should go.
  13. ya i'll put one together, thanks man. haha do you know how donavan did last season?
  14. no. but it works. alot of guys i know send them and its really efficient. one of my friends got some money to boise state cus of it. and donovans a good guy. he said he plans on going 141 next year. good thing kerr wants me up at 149= )
  15. congrats man. i know donavan barela goes there, so that would be good for you. i've never thought about sending a tape. is that what you did?
  16. yeah. cal state bakersfield is payin all my tuition. i gotta pay for the dorm and books. its still a good deal though. you should make a video and send it to wherever you wanna go cus people will pick you up for sure. like send em to fullerton and cal poly and all the pac10 schools.
  17. yeah i saw that, but hes still a good wrestler. Yeah i am but not this year. Are you going to?
  18. yeah. but if ya look, we wrestled for 5th/6th and he beat me in all overtimes. he held me down to win. you going to wrestle in college?
  19. oh okay, yeah i saw that you beat david watts
  20. that picture of me and cody wrestling was in the semis at 5 counties. he beat me. i believe the score was 6-4.
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