1. Our parking Lot at work on Sept. 15, right after Hurricane Ike struck the Chicago area.
  2. This is our parking lot at work on Sept 15, 2008, right after Hurrucane Ike hit the Chicago area.
  3. The Fly 
Larger version and other images: 
  4. 4th of July parade, really.
  5. Weddings in Iowa...
  6. You know you're from Iowa when you get family baby photos like this... and it's a girl!
  7. A sorbet tulip from my garden today. When they predicted 80 degrees as the high today, I picked it and brought it to work because I knew it would be...
  8. Mordecai Three-Finger Brown  1907 Chicago Cubs. 
I scanned the entire set of 15 postcards - they belong to someone in my office.
  9. Sitting at my desk at work. I took this using the existing florescent overhead light and my incandescent lamp.
  10. This is an Illinois wildflower I found at York Woods yesterday in the western 'burbs. It's called a White Trout Lily.
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