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  1. I've somehow managed to lose 15 lbs. , mostly from walking 3-5 miles a day -PT sucks -big time -but i am still proceeding at a ''record '' pace for recovery . Your son sounds ambitious -he'll soon learn that he can work 20 hours a day and still not make ends meet -i sometimes regret not having kids but with my family history and the abuse I underwent I think maybe I made the right decision-I truly believe I would have been a great dad -but ...My capacity now leaves me to fight the good fight w/out dependents -''A spear has no branches '' so I've heard .
  2. Crazy people. I think it's be pretty easy to prove. I'm sure there'd be some passport records that his mother traveled to Kenya if she did.
  3. We're good. My older son got his Associates Degree and he needs ot keep going but he has so many interests and he doesn't know what he should study. He's a good artist and he wants to study graphic design like his mom and dad, but he also likes to cook and thinks about cooking school. He has two jobs right now and no days off. Four days a week he works with a friend of ours installing security systems at Loyola University and he cooks at a wheat-free bakery and cafe on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. His main thing right now is trying to save some money and get his girlfriend here from California for next semester. She'll be here at Thanksgiving time to look at schools and apartments. I think he needs to see that his money from these jobs isn't going to go real far when he has to pay rent. That will get him back in school! He also wants to build a computer from scratch and graft an apple tree. No lack of agendas for him!

    How's your health and PT going?
  4. Thre is an awful sit I stumbled upon called waronamerica or something where Phil Berg is filing a suit over Obamas birthplace-IMAGINE a lawyer filing a motion for free .
  5. Please do not think I am trying to harangue Obama , I am pretty much an anarchist anymore -the system needs a complete overhaul-used to not think this way but I am now old, tired and grumpy -and a few more dwarves as well-how did your son's grad go ? He find a job yet ? Such a hard thing to do that first time -going out into the great unknown -wish him well for me .
  6. Hey! I read what you wrote on Schlottke's page. I was wondering how it all went, but now you won't have to peck it all out again. Sounded like a rough surgery. Glad it's over with, and I'm hoping you'll be able to get off some of those pain meds soon.
  7. Thanks. Hope everything goes well and you can check back in with us to let us know.

  8. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts -as I read the board I am beginning to doubt whether I'm going to stay here much longer -when I first joined I was barraged by red dots for saying I had read where the aotobiography of anne Frank was written in part in ball point which wasn't invented until after the war -I was attacked by everyone -I took neither pro nor con stance but was told to su.. di..and several other things I really wouldn't care to do -now these same people want to be my friends --I saved all those red dots and not one had anything to do with wrestling ,which is why I joined this forum .
    I am not thinking too clearly as they[the Dr.s]had me DC my meds until my surgery so I 've been awake in pain for a coupla days .
    Thanks again for your kindness and I hope you enjoy your trip .
  9. I'm leaving in the morning for California - my son's Jr. college graduation and also his birthday. My mother in law and I are going, so it should be fun (I'm serious). We'll help Jeremy pack up his stuff to come back to the midwest - Yay! We won't be back until Sunday quite late, but I just wanted to say good luck with your surgery and I'm anxious to hear of your progress.
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