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  1. I love it too! I wish I had the animated version though. I think there needs to be more liplocking at UFC events.
  2. I love your new avatar.
  3. Indeed! Mike Whitehead's shorts still scare me.
  4. Thanks for the reputation comment! It's too bad that Mike Whitehead wears ripped shorts that reveal a lot of himself and not Cote.
  5. The banner that Stardust made that is on this site. Should i ask her about it? My email is, so if you have it, I'd love it. Thanks!
  6. WHich picture? the banner to his site or the one that stardust created that is on this site?

    Anyways, give me your email address. If I type in the code here, it will covert it directly to an image so I have to send it as a .txt file so you can see the code.
  7. Hey there,

    I want to post Adam's banner somewhere on my blog, but I am a moron when it comes to html. Can you help me?
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