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  1. Holy smokes! You gave a Gary Templeton reference! I thought I was the only one who knew who he was. I had a Templeton glove growing up. And I actually remember that he was traded for Ozzie Smith. I also remember that he had at least 100 hits from both sides of the plate one year. I think he was the first to do it.

    Love the reference!!!!
  2. Cool man. Glad you like him. He's about as old school as it gets. Love me some old country.
  3. Hey, since I now know you are a Kristofferson fan, I thought you might like Jamey Johnson. I can't find the song "My Saving Grace" on youtube, but it is worth a listen. The dude has a unique way of looking at things that reminds me of Kristofferson. Several of his songs are on youtube, but try and find this one somewhere because it definitely will remind you of Kris.
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