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  1. I know exactly what you mean. All my in laws are from Fargo.
  2. I went to Law School at Madison after going to KU as a undergrad. Practiced in Racine, went to Eagle River for about 7 years and then moved 'south' to Rhinelander. Coming to Rhinelander from Buzzard Creek, my wife thought that we were back in the big city!!!
    How's that for relativity?
  3. Good old DG huh? I'm from Aurora. Waubonsie Valley, which either had just open, or wasn't opend yet. I've become a very rabid gopher wrestling fan. I'm fortunate that the U (hate that term, oh well) is close and that they've been good.

    I know its a million miles away, but if you get up here for wrestling, let me know. I'll try and bump into you. Always looking for more expats, or Fibs, depending on which side of the river you're on.

    Where in "God's country" are you?
  4. where in Chicagoland, Mike?
    I'm originally from Downers Grove but managed to move to "God's County" in 1970. My affinity for Minny is having 2 daughters go to the I was FORCED to start going to Minny wrestling meets and join the TD Club
  5. Actually, I currently live in Minneapolis. I'm from Chicago Originally, and I went to College in Appleton. So I'm sort of touring the NFC North. I really liked what you had to say. I took that quote, for which I left you the rep and put it as my signature. I cited you, so I hope you don't mind.

  6. Sent you a rep before I saw your comment to me......very well reasoned post!!

    Hey, are you from Sconny? IF so, where?

    Happy Memorial Day,

    Tim Vocke
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