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  1. Thanks for the comments on the buttons Enjoy your new pet Gold Fish
  2. Jacob,

    I like the arrows in lieu of the green markers for unread threads in a section. Before you ask, I didn't like the green ones from an asthetic perspective, but I didn't care enough to say something.

    I really do like the arrows though. For context, I'm in sales and when I'm prospecting I look at a LOT of business homepages throughout the day. I really like the format you chose.

  3. I PMed you more info- some of it is of a sensitive nature so I didn't want anyone else snagging the details.
  4. Jacob,

    It isn't that I don't like it, its that I'm used to the tool bar having the news stories. When I go to the forums, I like to see the threads and that discussion. I do realize, that Milton (were calling somethign that doesn't exist a name lol) is much more likely to spur conversation about an article. Which doesn't happen so much.

    I guess now that I think about it, He's fine. The only reason I would suggest giving him a specific place to post would be because its possible, that one day we'll show up and the entire front page is Milton bot threads, Bumping everything else down to the next page. I'm sure you've thought of that however.

  5. Mike,

    What exactly don't you like about it? I can make some adjustments and am open to ideas.
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