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  1. Is Herbst out for the season, or did they just hold him out for Vegas?
  2. Thanks for trying to help-I truly apreciate it -I am snakebit at this shit -I see that your 197 went down too-I had to spend my last draft /waiver on Riley Orozco-197-because Todd got hurt -there will be a run on 197 lbers so if I were you I'd pick up Fagianao out of Hofstra -word in Hoosierland is that Ramos has already asked to be released to transfer to Norhtern Illinois . That 141 lber from Glen Hubbard is a better wrestler IMO for IU -he might change his mind now that he's 10-1 on JV getting ready to redshirt -I thought IU was going to become Glen Hubbard South -that 33 pounder -Cappezio-is pretty good too-he damn near beat Ortega in wrestle -offs -Northern Ill. has a GH kid too so maybe Vince is homesick for the Hawk coming in off the lake .
    I still have Jarequi if you need a 149 lber -and I'll trade him cheap since you were so kind - Monkeydick ???
  3. It looks like someone beat me too it. let me know if that didn't go through.
  4. Arch-I need a favor -if you have enough drafts left -I have zero-would you draft Trotman from App State and trade him to me for Jarequi-he was ranked 5th -now he's 15th because he left the Ck after he lost . Problem is I need him by Sunday -so it's your call -you'll get a decent 149 for a draft choice .
  5. speaking of Sumeria -have you read any/all the 12th planet series-really fascinating stuff -including the original story of Gilgamesh .
  6. He's more of a buckeye guy. Army of Darkness sort of ruined the necrinomicon for me. I know too many weirdos who actually thought a paperback contained some weird sumarian facts.

    Besides, the lady who owns the weird, never ending story used books store by my house says that Satanic verses was better and then tried to sell me a serving tray with and elephant foot attached to it.
  7. The avatar is a depiction of a regular old, run of the mill, Giant squid, hence architeuthis. If I were an octopus, I would be Enteroctopus dofleini or, North Atlantic Giant Octopus.

    I was just actually having a conversation with a close friend of mine who is very much into Lovecraft. He's in interesting person, who delights in obscure relgions, a practicing, ordained Druid preist, and just an all around strange dude.

    I found a statue from an artist here in MN of Cthullu. Just a resin bust, which I procured and gave to him as a gift for letting me and my drunk friends stay at his house for the Big 10 tourney a few years back. Since you brought it up, I'm sure you are aware of what dread Cthullu symbolizes. It turns out, that of the 1100 or so of these busts that was made, only about 600 of them reached stores because the majority of them were broken/destroyed in shipping.

    I'll wager that never in a million years did you think that you'd find someone who would be able to tie Cthullu and Wrestling together in the same story. I'm glad you brought it up.

    I haven't gotten around to watching that footage yet, but thanks to Quick and Akzent, I'm a junky for Russian Wrestling. I'll deffinitley check it out.

    On a different note, if Angel stays around and Mena can get a hold of the younger Ramos brother, you might get to see almost a decade of Hoosiers competeing for a championship at 125.
  8. Arch -is that Avatar you use a regular old octopus or is it C'thullu-from HP Lovecraft ? Whay did you think of that single counter where the Russian stepped inside and body locked Angel ? SWEET
  9. Thanks so much.
  10. type in Angel Escobedo and scroll down to Volume 4 legattacks and counters then it opens up into a boatload of Russian stuff . When I was at IU blubaugh used the underhook series and Russian 2 on 1 damn near exclusively .
  11. I figured as much, thatnk for not thinking I was too big of a jerk. Vince is being trained by a guy whom I grew up training with under his father. I think in the Right environment he can excell and I think he will be good for one or two aa's but with Mena who knows. Tony would be a huge pick up. I could see him going anywhere from 125 for the first year to 149, if he hits a growth spurt. If he does go to Indy, He will be taking a huge step if he can work with Mena. He seems to wrestle like he's sort of young yet, but he's a killer. I can only be excited to see what happens as he matures. I'm very familiar with that GBN program and have a great deal of respect for that coaching staff. It will be interesting to see what he does.
  12. I answered the Ramos question but this site has been losing stuff lately . I am not overly impressed with Vince but he has a big name and will break the line-up in a year or two and I think his coming to IU gives Mena a headstart in recruiting him . What do you think he will eventually weigh by college time ? I mentioned Ortega cause his brother is a monster and he is supposedly coming to IU as well -keep it in the family and all that . Ortega went through Lang's little brother w/out a problem --he is huge .
    I think Tony could win a championship under Mena.
  13. Thanks for the response, but I'm not 100% sure what that has to do with the ramos brothers. I'm happy for you though. Its great to have your team making improvements. The hoosiers are building a nice little program there
  14. Archituthis-I thought Angel would bump to 133 this year but Champ Kind says that A.E. has no problems with the weight that's why Ortega is going 133 . Boris or Natassha ,whomever, Ortega beat for the NHS seniors won like 20 matches in California . He should be ready .
  15. Hey, being an Indiana fan, what are your thoughts on Vince Ramos coming in? After watching him compete in HS, he has a lot of upside with the right atmosphere. Do you have any idea if they are going to go after his brother who I think is much better than him?
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