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  1. I may be interested in that, but you seem to have a lot of biters.
  2. Monkey dick ain't doing to good -my 197 lber -Orozco-went down to 184 and is wrestling this weekend -if he does ok willl you draft me a half ass back up heavy for him ?
  3. How's this -if by the end of the day SGallan hasn't drafted Halsey for me you draft Brent Jones from Va. and I'll give you Howe -

    Unless you just want to go ahead and give me Herbst since neither of us are making the playoffs , your words .
  4. I'm not sure if a year is long enough a time period to get the IU loser syndrom out of your system-Fag wrestled hard last year in the big 10 but was just no match for those animals -I'll talk to you tomorrow -the guy agreed and I posted the trade but he is now balking because he doesn't know how to work the waiver thing and that he'd have to give up a loser from his line -up.
  5. I may be interested in something like that, we'll see what develops. I still think you should take fagiano, he was your idea.
  6. I'll let you know tomorrow -would you be willing to pick up a guy off waivers for me for howe ? I have someone in mind who isn't ranked that high but has over 20 matches left where he can win 80% plus his conference .
  7. The deal I am working on is Howe for Halsey -I have made some strides in the last 2 weeks through trades and -seemingly silly-that have worked out for me -I am now over 500 points and picked up Hall from Boise state -2 champs at the midlands -a 41 pounder who will win the MAC -Stewart has 17 matches left and will win the Mac and Halsey is unbeaten and ranked 7th before he won the Scuffle-I've made so many trades they can't keep my line-up current -Precin , Dennis ,Mclemore , Ruschell Hall, stewart , Trotman ,Patterson -who just beat Honeycutt 10-0, Halsey and Massey -all ranked in the top 10 but trotman and he's going to win the Socon -he was 25-13 at 184 last year as a true frosh-if the trade for Halsey falls through make me your beat offer for Howe and if the deal falls through i'll consider it -but damn , cornell doesn't wrestle often and Fag will be lucky to go 500 the rest of the way . I was surprised when Dennis beat the #2and 3 seed in the nation but I'll take it .
  8. Or maybe those two or one or my 165lber's. but it looks like you've already mortgaged ruschell. And you're probably not going to make the playoffs. No Offense. I'm not either.
  9. The reason I haven't responded is because the only person you have that I'm really interested in is Ruschell or possibly Howe. Unfortunately they are really your best guys. I'd be willing to trade Fagiano and My 149 who I think will pin is way through the west regional. Keep in mind you reccomended I pick up Fagiano, I'd also consider arnone.
  10. Man you find a whole bunch of 97 pounders -I supposedly have a trade worked out with someone for a Halsey -hopefully it'll go through -congrats on Beating Varner -I still say Graff doesn't redshirt they could have made a run this year -but losing Herbst and Massey is a hell of alot -you waited all that time and Arnone gets stuck -how shitty are you ?
  11. Arch-I'll give you either Hernandez or Mclemore for Arnone . you have 3 97's and I have 0. Straight trade -Or i'll give you glasser for Fag.
  12. since you are a Minny fan I have Glasser , as well.
  13. Man-I hate to ask you but I need a 197 lber -mine just got beat out by a moron who flunked off last year -I have no one to offer you but Jarequi or Andrew Howe and you have 2 165 's iin the big ten already -How about Hernandez from IU ?
    I just need someone to draft Bradshaw from Edinboro for me and you have your pick of those three . I thought to myself -ok -you've changed your entire lineup but you got a shot then Halsey comes out of left field and beats out Orozco-so now I am ffting 197 -I'm tired and about to throw in the towel-IU had a triple dual and that fuk of a coach didn't wrestle Kinser once -I was counting on 18 from Kinser and instead Coughlin gets beat by EMU and beats a Div 3 kid by 3 points -all this just because Kinser won't kill himself to get to 49-I now hate IU and wish I knew how to change the personals to change favorite schools .
  14. Anytime my friend. I know for a fact that you weren't cheating. I'll get your back if it happens again.
  15. I want to thank you for your show of support in the Hoehn fiasco-tigerfan knew I had himas he had e-mailed me trying to trade Baker for him -normally I would have taken that but Baker hasn't wrestled since he med def. out of some tournament -this is the only site where I have been accused of cheating or my integrety callled into question -and more than once .
    I had a guy on instant chess accuse me of using software to beat him once but he was just a chess nerd -I expect more from wrestlers .
    Just wanted to thank you for having my back .
  16. My back up 133 majored him 12-4-Rutt is a great freshman -you take him , Graff, Howe, Brandvold ,Herbst , and Massey , along with Ruschell and they could have contended if not won it this year .They had 3 definite AA's and 2-3 strong contenders -if Rutt keeps improving he'll be one bad man -Oregon State is kicking Mizzous ass after 3 matches -Kubec with a major and Barnes stuck Sherry .
  17. Also, Graff was the logical choice to redshirt. As a team they could have been stronger but I think Howe is more prepared for DI then Graff is, espeially at that weight. 165 is sort of open, 133 is not. Kehliher may qualify, he didn't look so bad against fanthorpe.

    Redshirting Brandvold and Graff makes a little sense, but if they wanted to make a run, this was their year. I think Brandvold couldn't make 184 anymore, so they saved Graff, especially since they'll have to start a redshirt heayweight or possibly a transfer next year.
  18. A red shirting doesn't bother me if the kid isn't ready and it is the coach's decidion -but Graff asked to be red-shirted -no one is leaving -Fanthorpe, Ness ,Kennedy ,gomez , and the kid Wisconsin has wrestling for them is a major league pussy -Graff is just being a selfish bitch.PERIOD.He lost to Ness 8-4 and Fanthorpe 8-5 or something -yet he lets Wisconsin keep giving up major points while he ''hopes '' to become a 4 time AA-that makes me wish I'd never drafted him or heard his name -he is a legit top10-5 in the nation right now but he asks to redshirt ? IMO that is just selfishness. Fag wrestled for IU last year and was smart enough to cut out -I wish Coughlin would have done the same thing .
    Good luck .
  19. Yeah, I looked around and didn't see anyone else say anything about the herst situation. I know you don't really hurt your knee, and come back like that. But, if he does go out, I picked up fagiano who was a surprisingly good true freshman last year and an IL state champion. I've seen him wrestle in Highschool and college so I appreciate the heads up.

    They could pull brandvold's redshirt if it really came down to it, but I don't think they'll do that.

    I had the same problem with redshirts and guys leaving teams, I'll keep your offer in mind, though. I saw that kid wrestle at the northern quad and he looked really tough, he'll probably win the west regional and with their schedule score some bonus points. Hopefully.

    And yes, the 184 from NDSU, he looked really good at the northern quad as well, and I just couldn't pass up a guy with that last name. Brandvold's redshirt really hurt me.
  20. The Wisconsinm Forum said he had season ending surgery -then he wrestled against Northern Iowa -who can you believe ?-I think he was just dinged up because it's really hard to pin a wrestler the quality of Anderson with one arm . That's what I am hoping happens with Todd -but they had a live feed on the internet and his knee made a f'd up sound and he screamed -which isn't a good sign unless you are a masochist . I meant what I said as I appreciated the gesture or act you were willing to make I'll give you Jarequi for any warm body who is wrestling as you need a 149 lber -although that Freshman you piched up is good -he's a freshman -at least he won't redshirt -I've had 4-5 redshirt ,one quit before the season began. 2 hurt and my sleeper , Kaylen Baxter-was injured then came back and got 2nd in a tournament -non-scoring of course -then his coach bumped him up to m57 for the good of the team-not doing me or Kaylen any good as he has lost 4 in a row to top 15 opponents
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